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WTJ: Sweeten my soul

25 July 2009 No Comment

Someone dear just sent me this prayer that really touched and sweetened my soul!
I hope it will touch yours too!

“Sweeten my soul, my sweetest Love, by all that comes into my life. There are times of bitter regret when I clearly see my lack of love, my hardness of heart, my shortcomings, my frailties. Yet You are so sweet, so forgiving, so encouraging, so tender toward me. You are the sweetness of life. You, by Your love, can turn everything into beauty, the bitter to sweet. Every heartbreak becomes a stream of compassion to share with others. All our mistakes become a tree of knowledge for good, of the sweetest kind. Your forgiveness is the nectar of Heaven, so we can taste and see what You are like.

Sweeten my soul, O Lord, by the touches of Your gentle hand. Shape and form me into the fruit of Your love. Take my difficulties and hardships, disappointments and tears, and please deepen my soul. Take my failures and all the things I should’ve been and done that hurt when I think of them, and make my soul sweeter, more loving, more compassionate, more understanding. Use everything in my life to sweeten the lives of others.

Sweeten my soul by Your presence. Sweeten my life as I live close to You. Sweeten my words by speaking through me. Sweeten my eyes by helping me to see people as You see them. Sweeten my face by directing me to face Your light and see Your face of love. Sweeten my touch by helping me to reach out. Sweeten my actions by Your Spirit living through me. Sweeten the lives around me by giving me the courage to speak faith. Sweeten my soul, dear Lord, as I give You my soul completely, to live through me.

You are the sweetest of all things. Even the air has a sweet smell when You are near. The bitter experience becomes a sweet stepping stone to greater growth. Sadness, tears and heartache form milestones that open our hearts like vaults of priceless riches, that others may be richer as we share these treasures of compassion. Always make me sweeter through every circumstance, because it’s Your love that is trying to draw out the honey from the crushing of the honeycomb of our lives.

Hearing Your voice turns sounds into music. Feeling You turns the bumps of life into affection for others. Knowing You brings joy and meaning into everything. Seeing You gives us direction. Reading about You gives us understanding. But Your love is the sweetest thing there is in Heaven and Earth. It is tasting You and absorbing the very essence of You into our souls that makes us like You.

Sweeten my soul, O Lord, and make me more like You.

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