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The Birth of Healing Broken Hearts in Italy

25 April 2009 One Comment

Title: The Birth of Healing Broken Hearts in Italy
Category: Coaching, Journaling
Date/Time: Thursday, April 30, 2009, 3 pm EST (9 pm Rome Time)
Hosts: Dr. Randy Peck, Dr. Jerry Graham
Guest Panelist: Renato Amato
Language: English and Italian (both) – very first bilingual webinar for webinars777.com
Cost: FREE

Is your heart broken?
Do you need healing from something that has happened in the past?

Renato AmatoMy name is Renato Amato, an Italian citizen who has never been to the US in his entire life, but who has widely traveled around the rest of the world, and actually lived with my wife in many other countries as missionaries (India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Peru, Hungary, Bulgaria, Switzerland and others), for a total of about 20 years (from 1976 to 1996), crossing the world from one extremity to the other and telling everyone (Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists, Communists, etc.) about the love of Jesus, in the hope of getting them to come into the Kingdom of God by faith and share the wonderful spiritual blessings that God has poured upon us, His children.

Then, at the end of 1996, my wife and I were compelled to return to Italy, because of a number of health reasons that I will not get into right now (but will be happy to explain further, if you are interested). At that time, it seemed like my whole missionary life had come to an end, and I went through a few months of depression and desperately searching my heart and asking the Lord what He wanted from me, since I didn’t feel that my “home land” could offer any opportunities for service to someone like me …

It was then that, in the middle of the night, I started to clearly hear God’s voice speaking to my heart, just like someone whispering in my ears, saying: “Your missionary life has not ended! What makes a missionary? A foreign field in which he’s operating? Or the passion of his soul to reach others with My love wherever they might be! Don’t look at this country (Italy) as your “home land”, but look at it as the new “mission field” that I’m entrusting you with! There are multitudes in this land who need Me! Many who are crying day and night and asking Me: “Why this? Why that?” But I have no way to answer them, except through the lips of My children who are willing to be My mouthpieces and speak to them My words of eternal life! Will you be My voice for them? Will you let Me use you as a spokesman to reach out to their hearts and teach them My love?”

Questions for Renato Amato

  1. Tell us about your childhood. Where were you born and raised? What was your religious upbringing?
  2. What was your life like before Jesus?
  3. How did you meet Jesus?
  4. How did Jesus change your life?
  5. What have you been doing over the past 35 years?
  6. What role has journaling played in your life over the past 10 years?
  7. How did God heal the broken hearts of you and Patrizia 2 years ago?
  8. Why are you so passionate about Healing Broken Hearts?
  9. How did you get connected to Dr. Randy Peck?
  10. Why did you register for the very first Experiencing God Through Journaling webinar on March 24?
  11. Why did you send Dr. Randy Peck a long email the next day? How was God leading you?
  12. Tell us about the recent earthquake in Italy. What happened? How are the Italian people responding? What are their needs?
  13. What is the next step?

Listen to audio recording of the webinar (62 minutes)

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What action step(s) will you take within 24 hours?

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  • Julia Peck said:

    Thank you Renato for sharing your heart with all of us in the U.S. Thank you for making time to participate in the webinar – You have been a real blessing to my husband, Randy, and therefore me too. We hope to meet you someday. You are always welcome to our home when you visit the United States. I am very excited for you and your family as God has bridged our hearts via this incredible tool as we would call it: The Webinar. I pray God will bless you and your family abundantly with great health and wealth!