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Meet Renato

From: Renato Amato
Date: Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 2:21 AM
Subject: I was blessed to attend “God’s Will and Your Life”!
To: Randy Peck

Dear Dr. Randy,

First of all I want to say THANK YOU for the wonderful webinars that I was able to attend yesterday (March 24, 2009), as I felt greatly blessed by what was shared in them! They were master pieces of wisdom for anyone like myself who wants to contribute to reaching the world with the love of Jesus! Last night you mentioned on the webinar that you had noticed someone all the way from Italy in the audience … that was me!  While there in Virginia it was 9 pm in the evening, here in Italy it was 2 am in the morning, and the reason that I was up so late listening is because I truly believe in what you wrote on the welcome page of “Your Daily Blessing”: “It’s no accident that YOU are here. Everything happens for a reason! Everything! God has brought you to be blessed to live the abundant life that Jesus promises!”

Let me introduce myself a bit, and then tell you the purpose of this email:

My name is Renato Amato, an Italian citizen who has never been to the US in his entire life, but who has widely traveled around the rest of the world, and I actually lived with my wife in many other countries (India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Peru, Hungary, Bulgaria, Switzerland and others), serving the Lord as missionaries for about 20 years (from 1976 to 1996). We crossed the world from one end to the other and told everyone (Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists, etc.) about the love of Jesus, trying to get them into the Kingdom of God by faith and share the wonderful spiritual blessings that God has poured upon us, His children.

Then, at the end of 1996, my wife and I were compelled to return to Italy, because of of health reasons. At that time, it seemed as if my missionary life had come to an end and I went through a few months of depression, desperately searching my heart and asking the Lord what He wanted from me, since I didn’t feel that my “home land” could offer any opportunity for service to someone like me …

It was then that, in the middle of the night, I started to clearly hear God’s voice speaking to my heart, just like someone whispering in my ears, saying: “Your missionary life has not ended! What makes of you a missionary? A foreign field in which you operate? Or the passion of your soul to reach others with My love wherever you might be! Don’t look at this country (Italy) as your “home land”, but as the new “mission field” that I’m entrusting you with! There are multitudes in this land who need Me! Many are crying day and night and asking Me: “Why this? Why that?” But I have no way to answer them, except through the lips of those of My children who are willing to be My mouthpieces and speak to them My words of eternal life! Will you be My voice for them? Will you let Me use you as a spokesman to reach out to their hearts and teach them My love?”

Needless to say, hearing God’s voice speaking like that, like a river of words flowing in my mind and telling me what to do, is something that totally changed my life and led me to a ministry that touched the hearts of many in the area of Rome, and inspired scores of young people to consecrate themselves to a life of fulltime service to the Kingdom, with some of them who went to Africa, South America and the Middle East, as missionaries for Jesus.

However, it was not until the beginning of the year 2000 that I started to write down and type the messages that I received from the Lord, at first a bit randomly here and there, when I received something that I felt worthy of recording, but then slowly getting in the habit of writing down each and every message that I would get from Him, until today I have a Journal of years of listening to God’s voice recorded in my laptop! All of this was a true work of God’s Spirit in my life, because I had never heard of Mark Virkler or other ministers like you who were advocating Journaling until just very recently … and here I’m slowly coming to the purpose of this email (I’m sorry that it’s taking some time).

A couple of years ago (end of 2006), while conducting a fruitful ministry of teaching God’s Word and training young men and women to serve the Lord fulltime, Jesus started to speak to me in the middle of the night, saying that He had something totally new for me, that He wanted me to pull out of what I was doing, because He had a new ministry for me that would help me to bear “even more fruit” that what I had until then, and do “greater works” than I had ever done before!  He confirmed this more than once, with Bible verses and all, until a few months later my wife and I decided to obey and take a step of faith by forsaking all that we were doing (after passing on our responsibilities to other capable people) and putting ourselves in the position of being “ready to go, ready to stay, ready for service, lowly or great, ready to do God’s will”!

Needless to say, like Dr. Bruce Wilkinson talks about in the “Secrets of the Vine”, these last 18 months of “pruning” haven’t been easy for us and the Lord had to get rid of many of our old mindsets, “leaves and branches” accumulated over the years in our hearts and minds, in order to bring us to where I believe He’s now ready to move us on to the new and brighter future that He has promised us … Of course our physical health has slowed us down a bit (last year I had two heart attacks, one heart failure, two operations and three months of heart rehabilitation) and we’re not the young couple who went travelling around the world with just a backpack and a Bible anymore, but in the recent months I discovered this wonderful highway of the Web to travel around the world and participate to “Webinars” across the ocean, and witness to people all over the world!

What we need is training!  I heard a lot about “coaching” in the past one year (something that in Italy is almost unknown to most people) and it was while surfing and looking for “Christian Coaches” that I came across Lynne Lee’s “Christian Life Coaching” website, subscribed to her “Life Coaching Café” and started to participate to her webinars, where a few weeks ago I was introduced to you, Randy, when you participated and explained about Journaling. This connected me with you, and since then I have been reading your websites and have been participating to your webinars. It really excites me to hear of what you’re doing, and I believe that the Holy Spirit has led me here …

I seem to understand that you are planning to reach one billion people through your ministry, and I wonder if you have ever thought of including the Italian people into that figure! Now, as you probably know, most Italians don’t speak English, but I’m wondering if there’s any type of partnership that we can offer, in order to reach this part of the world with the exciting avenues that you are using and teaching others: Journaling, Coaching and Web.2. – Of all of these I know little, but I’m hungry and eager to learn more about each of them! There’s only one problem: my wife and I don’t have any type of steady income right now, as we’ve been living “by faith” and trusting God to provide all our needs for the last 33 years of our married life and fulltime service to Him (which He always did abundantly, praise God!). However, since my health problems and not being able to engage in any active ministry in the last one year, we’re a bit short of funds right now and we would need some help to cover the expenses of any Coaching Courses needed in order to start such partnership. We’re confident that, having such a good channel with Him, you will ask the Lord about this and He will lead you to the right solution. But, no matter what, please know that we’re both excited to be in touch with you, and that we would also like to be “blessed in being a blessing” to others, and most of all to Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

Yours in Christ and His love,

Renato (and Patrizia) Amato