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Your family is forever!

24 November 2012 No Comment

Despite of the modern day’s trend of many to choose the “single” lifestyle, since the beginning of time it was recognized that “it’s not good for human beings to be alone”. We’re of a kind that is made to be in relationship with each other, and that’s why there are so many people who are always looking for fellow beings to connect with, so they can build enduring friendships.

We were made to be “members of one body” (1 Cor. 12:20), so we are constantly seeking for other people who share our same interests and that we can identify and connect with. This explains the constant growth of groups that focus on building relationships, instead of just attending their meetings or traditional ceremonies. Unfortunately this type of relationship is usually limited to as long as you are part of that circle of people and identify yourself as a member of the group, or church, or club, or whatever it is.

As soon as you realize that you don’t particularly agree with some of their principles or modus operandi and decide to take distance from these, you usually get cut off from the relationship, and I have seen many hearts being broken by the loss of dear friendship they cared for.

This happens in all kinds of settings and, although we don’t live in a tribal society nowadays, the modern success of social networks and virtual communities confirms this human need of identification with other likeminded fellow beings. We all want to belong and be part of a circle of people or community, where we feel accepted and welcome as a “member of the family”.

Sadly, when something happens that leads you to distance yourself from the group, instead of being met with understanding for your struggles, some leaders will often expel you or try to cut you off from fellowship with other members of the group. For some this can be as painful as a “divorce”, as the bonds of affection built with other members of the group are so deep that they really get hurt from the separation. Others can get so offended and bitter from the sudden lack of understanding by those they once considered “their family” that they retaliate in vindictive behavior that ends up hurting the very people they loved.

Unfortunately this has sometimes happened even in some “Christian” circles, although Jesus’ ultimate commandment for those who believe in Him is: “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another as I have loved you. By this shall all men know that you are My disciples, if you have love one to another” (John 13:24, 35).

When it comes to “the body of Christ” (Rom. 12:5), however, what you must understand is that, no matter what other members might have said or done to you, you will always be part of “God’s family”! The truth is that this is a family that you didn’t just “join”, you were spiritually “born” into it and you’ll always be part of it! No matter what some of those who call themselves “Christians” might do or say, your family is forever!

Most Christians probably experienced their “spiritual birth” by praying with someone who was part of a particular church or group of believers. As such, they were spiritually fed by those who happened to be their spiritual “parents” and they grew up with whatever spiritual food they were served. This might not always be true, but for the majority of Christians it is.

Now, when you are a child, you just “eat whatever is set before you” by your parents and accept what they feed you as “good food”, no questions asked, even if don’t always particularly like it. Then, as you grow up and “by reason of use have your senses exercised to discern what is good or evil” (Heb. 5:14), you might become more selective about what you consider good for you and learn to make your own personal choices in life!

This happens even in “natural” families! Brothers and sisters, who have shared fun moments together while growing up, will eventually grow up and each make personal choices to go their separate ways in life! Some might move to another city or country, and might even rarely call each other again, but does that mean that they are not part of the same family any longer?

No matter where each of us is today, what our stand is, or what we might think of the particular group of believers that we are no longer with, the fact that we spiritually grew up in the same environment of faith with some of those brothers and sisters still makes us “a family” today! We have common experiences that have made us what we are today, even if we each later made different decisions in life and might even hold different positions of faith today!

I personally thank the Lord that what makes me a member of “God’s family” is not a particular human structure that groups me together with people that I might not even like, but it’s the relationship I have with my Heavenly Father and the bonds of affection that I have built with those that I consider my brothers and sisters, by virtue of the blood of Christ that we share, no matter where they are, or whether we still share the same convictions today!

Whether they are right or wrong, they will always be my brothers and sisters and I love them, not because of what they think, but because of what we shared together as we grew up and became full grown men and women who are capable of making their own decisions in life!

God’s family is forever!


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