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WFJ: You are an eternal being!

8 November 2009 No Comment

(Praise Time): Father, I need You! My eyes are turned towards You, o Lord, my Strength and my Redeemer! My heart is fixed upon You, and my only desire is to do Your will!

I love You, Father of glory! I love You, Jesus! I love You, my sweet Comforter, You are always with me! This is what carries me through! Thank you, Abba! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Comforter. I give You honor and glory, my heart and praise! “To whom will I go? You only have the words of eternal life!” (John 6:68)

In the name of Jesus, Your son, please speak to my heart now and show me what to do!

(Words From Jesus): “You are precious to Me and there’s nothing that will ever separate you from My love! My love is everlasting, just as My Word is eternal, and it endures forever! “Forever” has no beginning and no end, which means that you were loved long before you were born on earth, and I will love you long after you will not be there anymore!

You’re an eternal being, a child of the living God! “I AM THAT I AM” (Exodus 3:14), and with Me there’s no time, no beginning and no end, and so are you, My child! You have been with Me ever since the world was created, and My heart goes out to you, just as it goes to each one of My children that I love with a perfect love, a love that has no beginning and no end!

My love for you will never end and will always be! These words are a mystery for you, but trust Me that I’m speaking to you and don’t try to analyze them with your own intellect, your theological comprehension of My Word! Your mind is finite and you will never be able to fully understand all My ways, until you get up here in My eternal realm and you are able to see with My eyes, the way that I see things from an eternal perspective!

In this long line of eternity, your life on earth is an infinitesimal part of your eternal existence, and yet such an important part! Your life on earth is what decides your eternal destiny, not because of what you do or what you don’t do, but because of My sacrifice of love for you, and your faith to believe in My love despite of your incapability to grasp the eternal truths that have been hidden from human eyes! You have not leaned on your own intellect and human understanding, but you have opened your heart and received My love and My Spirit by faith, simply because you trust Me and My words of eternal life!

Your reward is great! You are rewarded not for your works, but for you faith! “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1), and you have to continue to exercise your faith in Me and trust Me when I say that this is not your work, but Mine, and that I will build your house!

“Except I build the house, you labor in vain that build it” (Psalms 127:1), and you cannot do it with own capabilities which are limited! This is not something that you can put together in your own knowledge and understanding, but something much deeper and spiritual, a work of My Spirit! I’m the one who has been “anointed to heal the broken hearts” (Luke 4:18), so you have to depend on Me! It’s not something that you can do on your own!

Come with Me in My secret place and let Me love you and encourage you that you are not missing the mark! You’re right in the center of My will, where I want you to be! I want you to be in a position of humility and dependence on Me! I want you to be little in your own eyes, so that you don’t lack true love and understanding for others! Remember that, if you want to heal the broken hearts, you have to be very gentle and  kind and delicate in your interactions with those who will come to you!  This is why I allow this breaking and remaking in your life! I allow it so that you would be broken and let Me remake you in the vessel of My choice! Let Me finish My work in you, let Me perfect that which concerns you! I love you!

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