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WFJ: “Words are real things!”

28 October 2009 3 Comments

You need to be careful that your service to Me and others doesn’t become a “god” that you put before Me, before the time that you must spend in My presence! Your spirit is hungry for My Spirit, and we both need this communion of heart with heart! I need it as much as you do, because love needs to be shared and you are a recipient of My love!

I love to share with you My heart and My thoughts, because you are not inhibited in your capability to hear My voice and I enjoy seeing you excited when I reveal to you new eternal truths and shower you with My blessings! It gives Me great pleasure to share My treasures with you, because I know that you will not keep them for yourself, but you will share them with the world. You are a channel that I can use, and I need you to be a channel for those who come to hear what I have to say through you!

It’s important that you don’t neglect your communion with Me, as I won’t be able to bless what you are doing unless you “put first My Kingdom and let all these other things be added to you” (Matthew 6:33)! Your number one priority in life is to “love Me with all of your heart, mind and soul” (Matthew 22:37), and you should have no other gods that you put before Me!

“Thou shall have no other gods before Me” (Exodus 20:3) means exactly what it says, not only that you shouldn’t have other gods, but that you should not put them before Me! I don’t want the second place to anything in your life, and whatever you put before Me becomes a “god” for you! This is what led My people astray, when they “left their first love” (Rev. 2:4) and started to put first other things instead! I want to be your number one focus, and you shouldn’t be concerned about anything else in life but to love Me and please Me with what you know that I expect from you!

Learn to organize yourself in a way that will leverage your life, and will help you accomplish more with less effort! This is a “key” that you must always remember to use in your life! “Accomplish more with less effort by using the keys of leverage and proper balance”!

Words are real things, as they have the power to create or destroy according to the spirit behind them! The “power of the tongue” is something that My dear apostle James wrote about in the Bible, and it’s true:  “The tongue is a little member, but how great a matter a little fire kindles” (James 3:5)! It has the power to create life and give strength and vigor to the weak, but also to afflict and devour those that are being kindled by its fire! Words are “keys” that empower or weaken according to the spirit behind them! If the words that you speak are not yours, but it’s “the spirit of the Father which speaks in you” (Matthew 10:20), then you will be able to heal and restore the souls of those that will come to you for comfort and counsel! You don’t have to tell them what  to do, but your words can empower them to do what I have put in their hearts to do!

So, use the keys that I have placed in your hands, words of eternal life that will empower and give strength to My children! Let Me do the invisible work of restoring and healing what you wouldn’t be able to do on your own, because it’s not given unto you to heal the broken hearts, but only to coach people and bring them to Me, and then let Me speak to them and tell them what I want them to do to achieve the healing! I love you!


  • Ben Stewart said:

    My brother,

    Right on spot!

    In His love, Brother Ben

  • Nancy Slocum said:

    Renato – WOW! WOW! WOW! THANK YOU for being so sensitive and obedient to the Holy Spirit and sharing this revolutionary and life transforming Word! I believe this is THE most powerful Word I have ever received from the Lord!

    There is NOTHING like the power of His presence and His Word. One Word from God can change one’s life and when shared change another’s life as the Holy Spirit so beautifully articulated.

    This Word is near and dear to my heart because the Spirit has also told me that WORDS ARE REAL THINGS. THEY ARE CONTAINERS. If you go to my “GOD WHISPERS” site at http://www.Nancy777.com, you can read a post called “Godly Words.” It’s a Holy Spirit inspired poem and He changed my life by telling me what my mission in life is: TO GIVE “LOVE” A VOICE! His plan for my life is finally becoming a reality through my blog. God is soooooooo good.

    Words like this through you will surely exponentially explode your ministry! You are greatly blessed!


  • Bertha Hinson said:

    Renato, thank you for “Words are real Things!” early this morning as I needed the Lord speaking to me about that which was within my heart and creating unrest. The Lord said through you that ‘My Spirit was hungry for His Spirit and that we both needed this heart communion in love.’ It was as if He were answering an unspoken cry of my heart because of a position I had not identified when starting my day.

    You have allowed the Lord to use you much as Bill and Marsha Burns do with their daily Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin, which acts like a lighthouse guiding a ship on turbalent waters not knowing where to put down anchor. Their “Trumpet” on 26 Oct. 09 you would enjoy viewing at email-ft111@faith-tabernacle.ccsend.com address.

    May you continue allowing the Holy Spirit to flow so freely answering the cries of peoples heart around the world while leaving major deposits in your heart. Thank you for being the ‘open door’of spiritual strengthening for me today.