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WFJ: Your sound of the trumpet: 222!

In the recent weeks I have heard the voice of the Lord more than once, speaking to my heart and saying:222!!! That’s the sound of the trumpet for your life: 2Timothy 2:2!”

“The things that you have heard of Me,
teach them to faithful men who shall be able to teach them to others also”!

Our close friends know that our passion has always been to pour God’s healing balm of love on those whose hearts are broken because of life’s stormy events, and to build up those who can lift others up. This desire that God placed in our hearts since we were young has always been a steady helm of our journey in this world, no matter the events or changes around us.

In a recent WFJ message titled New Year 2011: Be led by the Spirit!, the Lord told us that “The thoughts and intents of your heart” (Heb. 4:12) are like a rudder directing your life. As long as it’s pointed in the right direction, the waves of the sea and surrounding winds will only push you in the same direction and you will reach your destination. The important thing is to stand firm in your values and beliefs, so that I can help you land on the right bank.”

Beside the encouragement we usually receive through the “Words From Jesus” that He whispers to our hearts, the Lord knew that we also needed a sound of a trumpet loud and clear that would show us the direction to follow in this new season of life! Here it is:

(WFJ): “222! That’s the sound of the trumpet for your life: “Teach Others To Teach Others” (2 Timothy 2:2)! T.O. To T.O.! You were created for this purpose, not only to teach others “the things you have heard of Me” in the past, but also those you continue to hear from Me today, when “it’s not you that speak, but the Spirit of My Father speaking through you” (Matthew 10:20)!

I want you to Teach Others TO Teach Others to be led by My Spirit, allowing Me to work in and through them. I want you to teach others how to hear My voice and follow the whispers of My Spirit, learning to be led by Me in everything! Being “led by My Spirit” (Rom. 8:14) is what many of My children need to learn! You can Teach Others TO Teach Others to be led by My Spirit in everything they do, so they don’t try to manage people’s lives by telling them what to do, but allow My Spirit to lead My sheep along “the green pastures and fresh waters” (Psalm 23:2) that will quench their thirst!

Teach Others TO Teach Others to be led by My Spirit! A church led by the Spirit is what the world needs! People need leaders that are led by Me, “the Author and Finisher of their faith” (Heb. 12:2), not by their own thoughts and minds! When a leader uses his knowledge to be praised by men, he’s not being “led by My Spirit”, because I’m not in that motivation! When a leader uses his knowledge to manipulate people’s lives, instead of encouraging them to look to Me, he is not being “led by My Spirit”, because I do not operate that way.

A humble servant who is yielded to My Spirit and led by My love for the lost, desiring to touch lives with My love and Teach Others TO Teach Others My divine wisdom, that’s what I need! That will make you the effective tool that I need, a “faithful and wise servant, who gives meat to My household” (Matt. 24:45), recognizing that it’s “My” household, not his! Those who will come to your side to help you build the dream that I have put in your heart, will do it because they are of My household, being led by My Spirit.

“Hold fast that crown” (Rev. 3:11) and continue to Teach Others TO Teach Others, for that knowledge is given for you to share, to Teach Others TO Teach Others! A “faithful and wise servant, who gives meat to My household” (Matt. 24:45), is what you are called to be, using every opportunity to Teach Others TO Teach Others!

If you “strengthen your brethren” (Luke 22:32), you will be strengthening My kingdom! If you Teach Others TO Teach Others, you will bear fruit that will expand and multiply way beyond your life on earth in extraordinary ways!

The law of multiplication is: do not hold back for yourself what you have been given to share with others! “Cast your bread upon the waters: for one day you shall find it” (Eccl. 11:1), and it will delight your heart and give you a taste of how far your life can go if shared with others!

Have faith, I will build your house and will give you the needed tools to fulfill the dreams and purpose that I placed in your heart, the ultimate plan for which you were created!”
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