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WFJ: Your reward is sure!

14 August 2009 2 Comments

This is a work of My spirit through you, nothing of yourself. If you continue to come unto Me every day, I will continue to pour into your cup My words of life, and you will continue to feed My sheep! Yes, you will feed My sheep from your overflowing cup!


When your cup is full, My waters of life will overflow into the hearts of those who are thirsty for My word! There are many who are thirsty for My words of life, and more of them are finding that you have these words, because you hear from Me fresh every day! Continue to come, therefore, and I will continue to fill your cup, and you will continue to overflow into others with My fresh words!

What was that I commanded you?
Feed My sheep! Strengthen Your brethren! Father My children! Heal the broken hearts!

This is what you are doing by sharing what I give you, for it is not you that speak, but the Spirit of My Father that speaks through you (Matt.10:20)! My Spirit visits the hearts of men all over the earth and I know the questions and hardships that they face! I also know the words that will heal their broken hearts, and you do well to come unto Me, for I am the only One who knows what My children really need!

Now write this message, for I want to speak to them!

Fear not, My little ones, for it is the Father’s pleasure to give you the Kingdom (Luke 12:32)!

You have come into My Kingdom at such a time as this, for you are an important part of the great puzzle that I’m composing for the last act of the scenario of Man’s history on earth! Times are ripe and soon the sickle will gather the wheat into My barns and there will be plenty of fruits in My Kingdom (Mark 4:29); but then another sickle will also reap judgment on the earth (Rev. 14:19), for I’m a righteous God, merciful and longsuffering, but also just!

I can’t sit back and watch My little ones, those who are broken, those who are oppressed, those who are mistreated and taken advantage of, those who are defenseless and trodden upon by others who think they have the power to hurt and destroy! I have come to give life unto My children, and I promised that their lives would be abundant! (John 10:10)

I’m about to separate the wheat from the chaff (Matt.3:12), so that the righteous will shine as the children of the Kingdom (Matt.13:40) that was prepared before the foundation of the earth! It’s not My will that I should tarry much longer, for the cup of iniquity is full and soon I will have to come and gather My children unto Me!

Come to Me, all you that are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest! (Matt.11:28)

Come, all ye that are thirsty, and I will have you drink of the fresh living waters of My words (John 7.37; 4:14)! Come, and do not hesitate, for here is where you will find freshness and relief from the weariness and struggles that you have suffered until now! I love you with an everlasting love and I’m about to reward those who have been faithful and who have not denied My name, despite the hardships they have suffered! You have not blamed your God for the things that you have gone through, but you have continued to believe and have faith that I’m a loving God and that all things truly work together for your good (Rom. 8:28), despite appearances!

You have recognized the lying vanities of the evil one, and you have clung to Me all the more and have remained faithful at My side! Behold, I say unto you: your reward is sure! Soon the meek shall inherit the earth (Psalm 37:11), as the mountains shall be made low, and the valley shall be filled (Luke 3:5)! Where there’s a need, I will fill it; and where there is pride and arrogance, these will be blessed with humbling and lowliness! Lowliness in My eyes is a great thing, for it makes you great in My Kingdom! Only the humble will walk the golden paths of My Heavenly realm! The proud and the arrogant will be made low!

So come, all ye that have been eating the bread of affliction and have been humiliated by those who despised you! I say unto you that your reward is sure (Prov.11:18) and you will inherit the earth and all that is therein. I love you.

PRAYER POWER: Father, thank You that You are loving and righteous! Thank You that You are touched by our infirmities, and that Your arm is not too short that You cannot save! Thank You that You have heard the cry of the weak and You are about to reward those who have remained faithful despite of adverse circumstances! Thank you that You are near to them who are of a broken heart! Our hearts are filled with gratitude, amen.


  • David Bean said:

    Amen, Amen and Amen. (So be it) Thank you Renato for sharing these intimate times you have with your Savior and God. God bless you.

  • Bob said:

    Hi Renato,

    I hope all your readers get this if nothing else. I did. The Lord has said exactly this to me as well. I would guess all the people coming here are underestimating who they are in the Kingdom. We must not. The common man will lead in this movement. So, thanks for the words and here is the quote I think central to your words today:

    “You have come into My Kingdom at such a time as this, for you are an important part of the great puzzle that I’m composing for the last act of the scenario of man’s history on earth!”

    We get to reap a harvest planted in sweat and blood for thousands of years. What a blessing. Thank you Lord.