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WFJ: Your first love!

10 July 2009 2 Comments

I understand your human nature and know what a struggle it is for you to take time with Me, simply because there are invisible forces trying to distract you from it! What you need to understand, My child, is that they are keeping you busy with what looks like “good” to you, but it’s not the “best” that you should be doing, because your number one duty is to “love Me with all your heart and mind and soul.” Anything else that you put before Me is nothing but a distraction, no matter how “good” it might look to you!

Nothing is going to give you that “peace that passes all understanding” (Philippians 4:7), and that you’re looking for, except a personal intimate relationship with Me on a daily basis, so don’t let yourself be fooled by the vanities of this world! They will never be able to fill the void of your heart that is aching and thirsty for a intimate relationship with Me! That’s why I said in My word that, if you seek first My kingdom, “all these things will be added unto you.” (Matthew 6:33) Everything else will follow, if you put My locomotive first, as it will pull the rest of your day’s train with an effortless ease! But if you forget to put that power engine ahead of your day, then it will be a real struggle for you to pull your wagons on your own! So, learn from this lesson and don’t let yourself be fooled again.

Remember My warning to that early community of Christians who had “left their first love”! They did everything else right, but they forgot their first love, and that was their downfall! Don’t let it be yours! You might do everything else right, according to the book of the law, like many religious people of My days on earth did, but if you forget your first love, then I will be compelled to “remove your candlestick out of his place, except you repent!” (Rev. 2:5)

“I know your works, and your labor, and your patience, and how … for My name’s sake you have labored, and have not fainted. Nevertheless I have somewhat against you, because you have left your first love. Remember therefore from where you are fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come to you quickly, and will remove your candlestick out of his place, except you repent”. (Rev.2:2-5)

That’s not because I want to mean to you, but it’s simply because your candle will not be able to give light without My presence! When a candle or lamp doesn’t give light anymore, because it’s been blown off, or it has run out of fuel, you have to take it out of his place and put another one that will give light to the house, or there will be darkness!

“No man, when he has lighted a candle, puts it under a bushel, but on a candlestick, that they which come in may see the light. Take heed therefore that the light which is in you be not darkness. If your whole body therefore be full of light, having no part dark, the whole shall be full of light, as when the bright shining of a candle gives you light.” (Luke 11:33-36)

I need you to be a candle on a candlestick that gives light to My house, but the only way that you can shine is to come unto Me every day and fill yourself with the fuel of My love, which is the “light of the world”! Don’t neglect it, you need it!

“I am the light of the world: he that follows me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.” (John 8:12)

Even so let your light shine before men; that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16)


  • Randy Peck said:

    Wow Renato! What a beautiful, powerful, and convicting message. The LORD has been telling me something similar. This is a wakeup call for all of us. Keep feeding God’s sheep. You heard about some of the impact you are having during last night’s UNCOMMON Internet Marketing Coaching course (webinar). Blessings, Randy

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