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WFJ: You are recipients of love!

14 October 2009 4 Comments

You are grasping truths that have not yet been understood by the most of My children in the world today! There have been those, amongst My children in the past, who had clearly seen the wonder of these truths and had tried to share it with the world, but man is imprisoned in his own self perspective and is very limited from seeing the full scope of My view of things!

Life has much more meaning than what man has envisioned this far, and you are a pioneer and explorer of the spirit world, which is hidden to natural human eyes! This is because you have opened your heart to Me and you have allowed Me to whisper into your mind the truths that I have promised to reveal unto them that seek My heart!

You have been a seeker of My heart ever since you were young, and you have always been searching for answers, and for the reason of it all! That’s why I was able to reveal Myself to you and lead you to understand secrets that were considered “mysteries” throughout the centuries, but that I promised to reveal to those who are “called by My Name” (Isaiah 43:7)!

Think of this for a moment: what does it mean to be “called by My Name”? When a woman enters into a Wedding covenant with her husband, she is then “called by His name”. And, when children are born of that covenant, they are also “called by the name” of the father, aren’t they? What makes you be called by My name is your intimate relationship with Me! You have entered into a wedding covenant with My Spirit, as a “bride” (Isaiah 62:5) that I adore, and that’s why you can be “called by My name”! I love to reveal to you the secrets of the universe, the mysteries that are being unfold before your eyes, because I love to share with My bride all that I have in store for her!

All those who enter into a intimate relationship with Me, and are not afraid to be called by My Name, are part of the “Bride” that is being prepared for the “Marriage Supper of the Lamb” (Rev. 19:9). You are part of that body of the Bride, as long as you remain in this intimate relationship with Me and you continue to “seek Me early” (Prov.8:17) each day, to share your love with Me, just as a wife would share her love with her husband on a daily basis!

Come to Me! Come into My arms and let Me show you what I have in store for My children in the days to come! I have great things in store for you, not just the “many mansions” that are being prepared “in My Father’s house” (John 14: 2), but the wonderful and exhilarating sights that await you there, in that “City that comes down out of Heaven” (Rev. 21:2) and goes beyond your human understanding and perceptions of things!

You are recipients of love! Man was created to love and to be loved, first of all by Me and by My Eternal presence in his heart, but also by all of My offspring, those who are born again of My Spirit, whose fruit is “love, joy, peace” (Gal. 5:22). When this love is missing, the heart is hurting, and its wounds and pain make it impossible to love in return! Fear enters in and makes you incapable of loving, of experiencing the beauty and wonder of My Love!

This is why I have come “to heal the brokenhearted” (Luke 4:18) , for I want to restore love in the hearts of those who have been hurt! I’ve come to give My life for you, as a proof that I love you, and that I care for you and your eternal destiny! You would not be able to enjoy the loving fellowship that you have with Me and My Father in Heaven, if I hadn’t come to give My life as a sacrifice for you, but that is not all there is to it! Christianity cannot be limited to the fact that I love you and that I gave My life for you. That’s only the beginning … not the end!

It’s the beginning of a new life, of a new earth and a new heaven … all of this made possible by the eternal love of the Father who gave His Son for His children and has now opened the door of His heavenly realm for you to experience the beauties and wonders of His eternal creation! Not only the physical creation, which is wonderful on its own, but also the spiritual creation of the world that awaits you and that has opened its doors to you!

“I am the door, if any man will enter in through Me, he will find pasture” (John 10:9) and joy and beauty forever! I love you!


  • Bertha Hinson said:

    WFJ: YOU ARE RECIPIENTS OF LOVE is the Truth that Jesus has been revealing to me that man has not as yet been able to open their hearts and receive due to the darkness permitted in our lives. This darkness has come through man’s desire to remain in control as mind over heart. Man will embrace what the media in any form presents for that comes by thoughts of man – not God. God’s thought are scorned and the name of Jesus has become as a curse of disgust with the labeling of “Jesus Freak”. The spirit of man or the heart has been so wounded by this callousness by those of harden hearts with dullness of mind.

    You are the Spirit’s breath of life ministering to the broken hearted who do not know how to break out of mind control of man they find themselves engulfed on all sides. Their hearts are deeply hurting, desparate to be free from this strangle hold on their lives. Your words are light and life as they are by way of the son of God, Jesus is His name. Blessings!


  • David Bean said:

    Renato this is the depth of our Heavenly Father’s love for all of His children. He wants to love us so deeply and is longing for us to come to Him. What I see from your messages is that you are now where King David was when God said he was “a man after my own heart”. Keep on writing these truths and revealing the depth of our Heavenly Father’s love for all His children. God bless you in all you do. I love you and you will always be my friend and brother.

  • Renato Amato (author) said:

    Thank you for visiting and commenting, Bertha. I’m glad to meet you and to know that these “words of life” have touched your heart and brought us together in His love and presence. I appreciate your encouraging words.

    David, you have become more than a brother and a friend to me! The Lord has knit our hearts together, like Jonathan with David, and we are now both “after His own heart”! I hope that we’ll get to meet one of these days and walk a distance together in the path that leads us straight into the center of His loving heart!

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