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WFJ: Write it down … I need leaders!

17 May 2010 2 Comments

(Words From Jesus): “Write it down and don’t let one word spoken out of My mouth fall to the ground, but make sure it’s recorded for those who will read it and be inspired to take charge of their place in “the high calling of God” (Philippians 3:14) for their lives!

You have received the vision in your heart, and now it’s time to write it down for others to read!

I need leaders, those will lead others to Me and not just care for themselves, but will be there for My sheep! “My sheep have been wandering through the mountains and on the high hills, … because there are no shepherds searching for My flock” (Ezekiel 34:8), those who are willing to “lay down their lives” (John 15:13) for them, like I did!

I found in you “a man after My own heart” (Acts 13:22), and this is what’s in My heart: I need laborers for the harvest, but I also need leaders who are able to lead laborers in the harvest! “The harvest is plenteous, but the laborers are few” (Matthew 9:37), and I need leaders who will inspire other laborers to get out and reap the harvest for My kingdom, “a kingdom that will stand forever” (Daniel 2:44), even after the kingdoms of man are fallen!

As you can see, in these days a new power is arising from the east to take over the world! This is the beginning of the end, and I need those who will rise up to lead My end time army of laborers into the harvest and reap it for My kingdom! I also need Christian leaders to lead those that were Christian nations to stand up and take their position in the times to come! Soon the world will not be the same as you know it, as times are changing fast these days, and I need to prepare those who will be counted as leaders of My end time army!

Are you willing to coach leaders into their roles? Are you willing to take up the torch that was left in the field and lift it high for those who will follow? Are you willing to be My spokesman in the times to come? You might not be called to be a leader, but you are called to inspire the leaders! You are called to “strengthen your brethren” (Luke 22:32), so that they will take up their roles of leaders in the days to come and be able to lead others by their sample!

I need you to inspire the leaders of My kingdom to lead this nation into the times to come! Not only this nation, but many nations will gather around My voice to take a stand against the evil forces that are now gathering to lead this world to its doom, but I will not allow the earth to be destroyed! I will come to rescue My own and to recreate the surface of the earth as it should be, a kingdom of love and peace and joy forever!

So, write this vision:

  1. Teach others to “teach others” is what you are supposed to do!
  2. Prepare and inspire the leaders that will be able to lead “others also” (2 Tim. 2.2)!
  3. Write it down! The pen is mightier than the sword, and you are called to use it as one that “will pierce even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit” (Hebrews 4.12) and will speak to their hearts and will inspire them to be what I’m calling them to be!

This is what I need you to do: Write! Write! Write! The word that is written is the word that will remain even after you are gone! So, write it down and let Me inspire you to write words of eternal life, words that will inspire multitudes with My love!”
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