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WFJ: “Will you be willing?”

28 April 2010 2 Comments

(Morning Praise): There’s a whole world of people praising You and taking delight in You, Lord. And yet, there are many more who are lost without Your love! My desire is that many more people would come to know Your love, Jesus! My desire is to be an instrument of love in Your hands, so that You can reach as many as You can through me. My desire is to feed Your sheep and to give them Your words to help them grow. My desire is to teach others to “teach others” (2 Tim. 2:2)! My desire is to love You with all of my heart, mind and soul.

Jesus, please help me to be what You want me to be! Not what I am, but what You want me to be, for without You I can be nothing. My life is worth nothing without You, Jesus! Please, help me experience Your love in my heart! Help me be what You want me to be! Help me to not disappoint  those who are waiting on me to share with them Your love!

Speak to me now and let me hear Your sweet loving voice, amen.

(Words From Jesus): “My child, it’s true, there are many of My children around the world who love Me and whose hearts are lifted up in praise and gratitude for what I have done in their lives! Yet, there are many more who are lost and crying inside, as no one understands them and is there for them, to encourage them and help them know that I love them!

If they would only know how much I love them and how far I was willing to go for them, to show them that I truly care and they have nothing to fear! I was willing to go all the way to the agony of the cross to deliver them from their hells of pain and sorrow, anguish and desperation! And I would have been willing to even go to hell for them, so that they could go to Heaven! I was willing to give My whole life for them! Yet there are so few of My children today who are willing to let go of themselves to reach down to the pits of despair where these who are desperate are, and to show them that I love them!

Will you be willing? You don’t have to go there physically, but you can through the means that I have provided for you, so that you can reach out and let them know that I love them! Yes, I need you to teach others to teach others, but I also need you to reach the lost ones who don’t know Me yet! I need You to do both, to reach the lost and to feed My sheep! Both of these are needed, and I need more souls saved in My kingdom!

What will you do to reach out to those who don’t know Me yet? What are you willing to do to reach out today? I know that you are busy with other cares, but I’m asking You to reach out to those who are lost, and use the window to the world that I have given you to reach out to people who don’t know Me yet and to show them My love! Think about it and see how you can reach out with My love! I want you to reach out to lost souls and to show them I love them! There is always a way that you can do it! There’s always a way that you can be a witness for Me! If you look around, you will find a way! Just ask Me and I will show you! Reach up to Me and I will show you what to do and what to say! I love You!”
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