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WFJ: The invisible work of My Spirit!

21 September 2009 5 Comments

Because of your simple faith and obedience, I have led you to the deep waters in which to cast your nets and catch much more fish that you ever thought possible in your entire life! All you have to do is: lower the nets and let Me fill them with fish! You don’t have to chase them around, for I will bring them into your nets! I will inspire those who are searching for answers to come into your site and find here My words of eternal life!

I will do the invisible work of My Spirit, which is invisible to human eyes, but which will result in visible fruits for My Kingdom! When your nets are breaking, and you have to call for help from other boats and fishermen (Luke 5:6,7), it shows that I have filled them with fish to the brim and it’s much more than you can handle by yourself! This is an evident and visible fruit of My work beyond the scenes and it should encourage you to know that I’m with you, and that I’m working hand in hand with you! In fact, this is not your work, but Mine!

So, rest and be filled with My peace that passes all understanding, for I will supply the help that you need to catch much more fish that you have until now! Trust Me and you will see!
I love you.


  • David Bean said:

    God is good and these words are words of comfort. All we need to do is rest in Him and He will guide us into the ministry He has laid before us. God bless you Renato.

  • Bahamabob said:


  • Ben Stewart said:

    Dear Renato,

    Your words are words of truth. So often I find myself trying to carry the load alone. The goofy thing is I know who is really carrying the load. It’s our Father, our creator, our visioneer, our inspiration.

    This morning on our call I was so encouraged by you, my brother in your sharing how Jesus had kept Aeroflot from crashing but instead landing on a Pakistani dirt road. Lives saved as you quietly read Psalm 91 to your daughters while our “soon to be saved” Christian brother from Norway joined the other passengers in fear. Then to learn that Christ had used this experience to save another soul for eternity.

    Please keep sharing your words of faith and encouragement to the world.

    Blessings from your brother Ben

  • Christian Life Coach - Lynne Lee said:

    You are a gem Renato. Thank you for sharing your private journaling with us.

    God is at work doing far more than we can think or imagine. There will come a day when you look in wonder at what God has done.

    Our Lord is the God of all encouragement. Nothing is too big for Him, absolutely nothing!

    May the Lord continue to cause His face to shine upon you.

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