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WFJ: Surrendering means trusting!

8 January 2010 4 Comments

(Jesus): “Surrendering to Me means having no will of your own, but yielding your all to Me, the One you call your Lord! If I’m truly your Lord, and you have entrusted Me with your life, don’t you think that you should honor Me with your full trust?

Do you trust Me? Can you trust Me even when things are not going according to your own expectations? This is the trial of faith that is much more precious than gold that perishes” (1 Peter 1:7) and, once you will overcome this test, you will see all My promises fulfilled as a reward for your faith! I’ve promised you great things, and I will once again state it for your assurance: Greater works that these (what you did before) shall you do!” (John 14:12)

Your destiny is not behind you, but it’s before you, so don’t look back, but look ahead! Let go of the past and forget those things which are behind, so that you can reach forth to those things which are before” (Phil.3:13) and walk on towards what has been waiting for you ever since you decided to put your trust in Me! It’s by walking on towards your future step by step that you will reach your destination and fulfill the purpose for which you were created!

Yes, My son! You have been serving Me for many years, but now you are about to reach your destination and fulfill the purpose for which you were created. You will put off the old garment and will put on a new one, a garment that will fit you much more than the old one, for you will be able to use all your talents and find full satisfaction in doing what you like to do the most, which is touching people’s hearts with My love!

This is an important clue that gives you a glimpse of what I have in store for you: I will touch the hearts of the multitudes that will come to you, and you will lead them into My kingdom! Yes, multitudes! You will speak before multitudes as you have never done before and they will listen, for you will not speak your own words, but I will speak through you and will touch the hearts of those that will come to you! You will speak to multitudes and they will listen, for it’s not you that speak, but the Spirit of your Father which speaks in you” (Matt. 10:20)!

Keep posting My words of eternal life and soon you will see the work that I did in your life, and you will thank Me for all you went through, for you will see how I perfectly weaved all the threads together to bring about My plans in your life! Yes, this is not your work, but Mine! You’re not working, but I’m working through you, and it’s not your responsibility to provide for your own, since you both consecrated yourselves to Me and entrusted Me with your lives!

The moment that you both “committed your way to Me” (Psalm 37:5), I took into My hands the helm of your lives and I’ve been leading and preparing you for the great things that I’ve promised to have in store for you! You just need to continue to trust Me and soon your will see the fulfillment of your most intimate and deepest dreams! You will see the fulfillment of your destiny and your heart will rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory” (1 Peter 1:8)! Yes,your mouth will be filled with laughter, and your tongue with singing, for I will have done great things for you”. (Psalms 126:2) I love you.

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P.S.: Today (January 8, 2010), Pastor Rick Warren (of “Purpose Driven Church”) wrote the following devotional in His “Daily Hope”:

Can We Trust God?

Trust is an essential ingredient to surrender. We won’t surrender to God unless we trust Him, but we can’t trust Him until we know Him better. Fear keeps us from surrendering, but love casts out all fear. The more you realize how much God loves you, the easier surrender becomes.

How do I know God loves me? He gives us many evidences:

• God says he loves you (Psalm 145:9);
• You’re never out of his sight (Ps. 139:3);
• He cares about every detail of your life (Matt. 10:30);
• He gave you the capacity to enjoy all kinds of pleasure (1 Tim. 6:17b);
• He has good plans for your life (Jer. 29:11);
• He forgives you (Ps. 86:5);
• He’s patient with you (Ps. 145:8);
• He sacrificed his Son for you (Rom. 5:8).

God loves you infinitely more than you can imagine –

If you want to know how much you matter to God, look at Christ with his arms outstretched on the cross saying, “I love you this much! I’d rather die than live without you.”

God is not a cruel slave driver or a bully who uses brute force to coerce us into submission. He doesn’t try to break our will, but woos us to himself so that we might offer it freely to him. God is a Lover and a Liberator, and surrendering brings freedom, not bondage.

When we completely surrender ourselves to Jesus, we discover that he is not a tyrant but a savior; not a boss, but a brother; not a dictator, but a friend.

Therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, I urge you to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God; this is your spiritual worship”. (Romans 12:1)

(Courtesy of “Purpose Driven Connection“)


  • Ben Stewart said:

    Thank you my brother for sharing your words with and from Jesus. Trust and surrender are truly the foundation as you’ve shared. I look forward to our call next week.

    Brother Ben

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  • Bertha Hinson said:

    Renato, I so appreciate the Words From Jesus that you post and frequently will add to my post such as on 7 Jan. in COMMIT YOUR WAYS TO ME,which was introduced first by what the Lord spoke to you.

    I wanted you to know but I lost the date yours was posted. It matters not the dates, locations nor situations Words from The Lord are always right on time and answers the question envolved. He so knows how to meet the hunger of our hearts and to place our feet on the right path. Thank you for your faithfulness.

    As soon as I know how to sign on properly on Twitter you will find me following you and with re-tweets as well. Bless you!

  • Randy Peck, M.D. said:

    Hi Renato,

    Thank you for sharing this powerful message about trust and surrender. I agree with Pastor Rick Warren that “Trust is an essential ingredient to surrender.”

    Adrian Rogers used to ask, “Why don’t people obey God?” His answer – “Because they don’t know Him. Knowledge in God results in trust in God. Trust in God results in obedience to God. And obedience to God results in blessings by God.”

    Your very close walk with Jesus is admirable. I agree that the LORD is using and will use you and Patrizia to lead multitudes to Him. Keep posting your daily WFJ. Keep the fresh manna from heaven flowing.

    Blessings for a breakthrough year and decade!

    “Blessed to be a blessing”
    THE CONNECTOR and The Journaling Guy