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WFJ: Strengthen thy brethren!

6 October 2009 2 Comments

You did exactly what I wanted you to do, by taking time to encourage that one servant of Mine, as I have great things in store for that life! You were an encouragement to her, and this is something that you should never fail to do! One of My instructions to Simon was: “Strengthen thy brethren!

“I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren” (Luke 22:32).

“Strengthening the brethren” means helping those who have been weakened in their faith, to put their eyes back on Me and look to Me for strength and help in times of trouble. Think of the story of Peter, how he was able to “walk on the water” (Matthew 14:29) as long as he looked to Me and “walked by faith, not by sight” (2 Corinthians 5:7). He was able to defy all laws of impossibilities! But, when he took his eyes off Me and looked at the waves and the raging wind (the adverse circumstances that surrounded him), that’s when “he was afraid; and began to sink” beneath the waves of despair (Matthew 14:30)!

Many of My children are facing that type of struggle today, and I’m calling each one of them to “Come unto Me”, so they can find “rest” (Matthew 11:28) in My arms! You have learned the secret: when you were sinking beneath the waves of the adverse circumstances that you were in, you learned to come unto Me and you found My strength! The same happened with Peter, when he was sinking beneath the waves of the sea of Galilee, he quickly turned his eyes back on Me and I was able to lift him above the waters again, so he could walk with Me to the safety and peace of the ship (Matthew 14:32).

That’s what you need to do: always be ready to strengthen the brethren who are struggling and sinking beneath the adverse circumstances that are pulling them down! Get by their side and help them look to Me, so they can receive strength and walk on the waters again!

Your ministry has many facets, as you are called to 1) heal the broken hearted, 2) feed My sheep, 3) disciple the nations, and 4) strengthen the brethren…  it all might seem to be somewhat overwhelming to you at times, but keep your “heart fixed” (Psalm 112:7) on Me, and you will see that I’m “the Author and Finisher of your faith” (Hebrews 12:2) and that I’m able to “work in you both to will and to do of My good pleasure” (Philippians 2:13).

What greater pleasure can you give Me, by not only reaping the harvest of souls that will always be with you, for “the poor you will always have with you” (John 12:8), but also by being concerned about the laborers of the harvest, making sure that they don’t forsake the plow on the field because they are “weary in well doing” (Galatians 6:9)!

I never asked you to pray for the harvest, because “the harvest is plenteous” and is always there (the need of healing broken hearts is vast, and you will never run out of those who need help with that!), but “the laborers are few”, and I asked you to “pray the Lord of the harvest to send laborers into His harvest” (Matthew 9:38)!

The laborers are never enough, and I need each one of those who have answered the call to serve Me! Now, the enemy is always hiding around the corner, “as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour” (1 Peter 5:8), and who is he going to be aiming at most of all? He’s going to be looking for those who are getting weary and heavy laden, to make them feel that “it’s too much”, that they “can’t handle the pressure” of spiritual warfare anymore and they “need to take a leave”, and unfortunately many end up forsaking the plow in the field!

If you strengthen one of My laborers, and you help them fix their eyes back on Me and find their rest and strength in Me, you will have helped not only to save one more soul, but you will have rescued one of My laborers, who’s going to be instrumental for the gathering of many more souls into My Kingdom! Your impact is therefore multiplied many-fold, and so will be “the stars” of your heavenly crown (Daniel 12:3)!

Amongst the many things that you must do, remember to stay focus on the top priorities that you have, one of which is definitely the strengthening of the laborers, so that their souls can be restored back to the strength and faith that once motivated them in My service! Pray for the Lord of the harvest to not only send new laborers into the harvest, but also to help you strengthen the ones who are weary and tired of the fight and help them find rest unto their souls and be ready for the battle again! I need each and every one of them, and I cannot spare one!

I know that at times you feel that your labors are not being noticed, and that you are giving and giving, but getting no credit for what you do! Don’t worry: there’s nothing that is hidden from Me, and everything that you do, without getting credit here on earth, will one day be credited in Heaven, before the Father and angels and all inhabitants of My Kingdom.

“What is that to thee? Follow thou me” (John 21:22)! Just do what I ask you to do daily, and let Me take care of the rest! I will repay you! I will make your light so shine that multitudes will assemble together around you to hear what I have to say today, and My living words will be the balm that will heal the brokenhearted! Trust Me!


  • Bahamabob said:

    And,”… the joy of the Lord is your strength,” God told Ezra, Nehemiah and a whole nation. Let us give joy to each other and strengthen the brethren. Thank you Renato. Your work does not go unnoticed on earth so much as you might think. Bob

  • Carrie Stone said:

    Well, Brother, you strengthened me tonight! Thank you for pouring out your heart for the sake of the brethren once more.
    Today, there are so many, like us, who are in the fight of their lives. We need to be encouraged, and we need to remember to encourage others as we have been encouraged.
    Be blessed,