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WFJ: Restoration from brokenness!

23 November 2009 No Comment

My precious son, the whole world is in a state brokenness! Everyone in the world is broken and needs to be restored, broken relationships, broken marriages, broken families, broken hearts, broken lives … and the main cause of this is a broken relationship with Me and with the “Father of spirits” (Heb. 12:9) who created you and planned your lives even “before the foundation of the world” (Ephesians 1:4)!

Ever since the beginning of times My Father and I had a wonderful plan for mankind, and for each of My children who were created to be loved and to enjoy our intimate relationship together. This relationship was broken by the wrong choices of your ancestors who brought you the curse of separation from Me, and therefore our relationship needed to be restored! I knew that your restoration from brokenness would only come from a restored relationship with Me and with your Heavenly Father who loves you dearly and longs to have back in His arms! But there was price to pay, in order to break the curse and win back your love and trust, and that’s the reason that I was willing to come and die for you. I volunteered to come down to earth and woo you back to Me.

I came to show you that My Father and I love you, that we were not angry and upset with you, as people once believed, but that we were both willing to give My life for you, so that you might be wooed back into Our arms. This is the ministry of Healing Broken Hearts, a ministry of restoration of our love, our friendship, our trust, and our personal intimacy with each other, out of which shall overflow “rivers of living water” (John 7:38)!

Open the dams and let it flow! “Freely you have received, freely also give” (Matthew 10:8)! Let it go down from the mountain top into the valleys of the shadow of death, so that those who sit in the darkness, broken and destitute and separated from Me, can be refreshed and brought back to life again! You will soon hear “the noise of the shaking of the bones coming back together” (Ezekiel 37:7), as the breath of My “spirit and life” in “the words that I speak unto you” (John 6:63) touch the hearts that are broken and restore them back to life again!

Behold I will raise up a great army of End-time prophets, as My children learn to hear My voice and spread My “Words From Jesus” to the whole world! I will speak out of My heart into your hearts and it will overflow and run over into other hearts all over the world, as a river that never runs dry! Trees will spring up on both sides of the river and will “bring forth fruits in their seasons” (Psalms 1:3), as they meditate in My words day and night, and it will be a new day and age for My people! No more will My Bride be a body broken and divided in pieces, but I will bring each bone back to be part of One Body, One Heart and One Soul, so that the rest of the world might “know that ye are My disciples” (John 13:35), “they which follow the Lamb wherever He goes, they who are redeemed from among men, to be first fruits to God and to the Lamb” (Rev. 14:4)

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