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WFJ: Rest in My love!

9 June 2011 No Comment

(Morning Prayer):  Lord, I can’t even find the words to pray this morning, so I let my spirit pray and Your Spirit intercede for me, as I come to Your throne of grace to obtain mercy, and as I kneel in Your presence to hear Your whispers and listen to Your voice speaking to my heart! Speak to me, Jesus, and teach me the way to walk, Your servant is here to listen to Your voice. In Your precious Name, I pray. Amen.

(WFJ): “As you saw Me hanging on the cross, what did you see, My child? Did you see anger and wrath, or love and compassion in My eyes? If I was angry and mad with you, then I wouldn’t have hanged on the cross for you! I was there because I love you with an everlasting love and I desire to spend eternity with you! I desire to have you here with Me in My Father’s house, where there are many mansions! I desire you to sit with Me at the right hand of My throne, to rule and reign with Me in My Father’s Kingdom!

I know that you consider yourself unworthy, and that’s why you came to Me as a prodigal son, just grateful to be numbered as one of My servants, but I was willing to sacrifice not only the fatted calf, but even My life for you, because I love you and I want you to be with Me! You are My beloved child, and nothing can separate you from My love! Nothing, not even your sins, can take you away from Me, because I did not come into the world to judge you, but I came that you might be saved, and My shed blood is enough for that!

My blood posted on your heart and soul is enough to spare you from all judgment and to welcome you in My Father’s presence as My beloved child! You don’t need anything else! You don’t need anything else but My blood to set you free! My love is enough to cover a multitude of sins, and to wash away any stain from you, simply because I love you!

I want you to rest in My love! I want you to be at peace in My presence, not carrying the load of guilt, but totally free to love Me and rest in My love! If you know that I love you and that you have nothing to worry about, because I love you and I’m taking care of you, then you can turn your eyes away from yourself, and seek for those who still need Me! There are those who don’t know that I love them are still carrying the load of sin and feel guilty in My presence, but I want you to let them know that they don’t have to worry, they just need to trust Me! My blood shed on the cross is enough to take care of their sins, so invite them to come and rest in My presence, to get filled with My Spirit and be empowered to reach out to others, so that they also might come to know My love!

This is My commission for you, that you go to all those you can come across and let them know that I love them! I have placed each one of you in a strategic place, where there are those that only you can reach and touch with My love. My commission is that you let them know that I love them, that My Father loved them so much that He was willing to sacrifice My life for them, so that they would not perish but have everlasting life! This is the truth! They will not perish for their sins, but have everlasting life! They already have it, and they don’t have to worry and carry the burden on their shoulders, but they can rest in My love and turn around to let others know about it! There are millions to reach and time is short!

Don’t waste time worrying about yourself, but reach out to others! Get busy reaching out to others and you won’t have time worrying about yourself, knowing that I take care of you! As you seek first My Kingdom, all these other things will added to you! Trust Me, I love you.
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