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WFJ: Praise is the voice of faith!

11 March 2010 2 Comments

(Jesus): “Entering the new day with praise and thanksgiving will help you leave behind the painful memories of the past. The past is past! It’s gone, and you don’t have to visit it again (unless you want to), but you can leave it all behind and move on to a new and brighter day.

You can start today by simply starting to thank Me for all the good and special things that you see in your life. I’m sure that it won’t be difficult for you to find a lot of little things to be thankful for, if you try. Don’t let discouragement and fears deprive you of the joy of living!

You were created to be loved and to experience the joy of My love each and every day, but you have to take your eyes away from everything that makes you feel bad and turn them towards what makes you feel good! How do you feel when I tell you that I love you? How do you feel when you hear My voice in your heart telling you not to worry, for I take care of you and I will ensure that “all things work together for your good” (Romans 8:28)?

That feeling of peace, that takes over your spirit and helps you to relax, is the power of My Spirit that was poured freely on all of My children! You can have a taste of My peace, love and joy every day, if you just learn to come to Me with a grateful heart and begin to count your blessings one by one, instead of allowing negative thoughts to invade your mind with discouragement and depression!

You should not be afraid of anything, because you are in the center of My love and I take care of you, just as I do with every sparrow in the sky! There’s “not one of them that falls to the ground without the Father” (Matthew 10:29) and, just as I take care of even the least of these little creatures of Mine, I take care of you. And you’re not a little creature, believe Me! “You are of more value than many sparrows” (Matthew 10:31) and your name was already written in My book even before you were born! You are very important to Me, and you also have an enormous importance for this world, because you have much to give!

Just come out of yourself with the best that you have and start making a difference in the world around you, beginning from the people that I put on your path every day! Pull out your smile and start giving it free to everyone you meet today, and you’ll see that many of them will begin smiling back at you! Life itself will begin to smile at you and all things will gain new colors and new meanings that will fill your heart with great joy and gratitude!

Yes, you have so much to be grateful for, believe Me! I love you!

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  • Ben Stewart said:

    Dear brother Renato,

    What incredible truths that Jesus has shared with you and you with us. Truly, Jesus is not only the greatest teacher of all times; but, the greatest coach well. We are His children and you are sharing His message of truth, tenderness and strength. The door is open, he who knocks will find that the door opens wide. In His love, Brother Ben
    .-= Ben Stewart´s last blog ..VICTORY IN BROKENNESS =-.

  • Nancy Slocum said:


    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and reassuring word from our Father’s heart. This statement you made is so simple yet so profound: You have to take your eyes away from everything that makes you feel bad and turn them towards what makes you feel good!

    What we look at and dwell on is our choice moment by moment. We create our future by what we are looking at today. When will we ever learn to just keep our eyes fixed on all that is perfect, true, lovely, and good etc? If we will just keep our eyes on Jesus we will become more like him. We become what we behold.

    Blessings dear brother.
    .-= Nancy Slocum´s last blog ..#WFJ: Call My Gathering Angels and Those Messengers From My Face =-.