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WFJ: Not your work, but Mine!

11 September 2009 6 Comments

You are an ambassador of My Kingdom! You are not just another human being passing through this world without knowing what you are here for, or where you’re going! You have a very clear understanding of the purpose of your life, which is to touch as many hearts as you can with the healing balm of My love!

You understood ever since you were young that life wasn’t just letting time go by and take you from the cradle to the tomb without a purpose, without a reason to be. You searched for that reason and you cried out to Me in your time of despair, and you allowed Me to come into your life and to take you all over the world, to touch people from every walk of life, no matter the race or the gender, from many cultures and creeds, as you faithfully shared My love with each one of them.

Then you reached a new phase of your life, where I took one of your extremities and I put it under the tap of My fresh living waters, so that you would not only be able to quench your own thirst, but you would also have plenty to share with the rest of the world. Then I took your other extremity and I helped you to find an outlet to the barren and desert fields of the world, through the “windows” of the web that I have opened unto you.

Now you can see how “the parable of Bamboo” has been fulfilled in your life! When you were younger, you enjoyed dancing and singing and jumping up and down to glorify Me before men of all cultures and creeds. Then one day, when the time was mature and I took a closer look at you, I saw that I could use you in a greater way, to reach the ends of the world with My fresh living waters. You didn’t understand, at the time, the reasons why I had to strip you bare of all the previous responsibilities and the praises of your followers, the branches and the leaves that had wearied you down. It seemed that I was done with you, that I didn’t need you anymore and I was discarding you on the scrap heap of My history, but you trusted Me anyways, saying “Not my will, but Thine be done” (Luke 22:42)!

Then, when I almost literally cut your heart out, you thought that it was the end of your life! But you gave Me leave to do as I willed, trusting Me that, if I took you home, it meant that it was your time to go, and that I was going to take care of your wife, of your daughters, of all your loved ones. This was a test of faith and trust that you faithfully took and overcame, by simply putting your full trust in Me! Little did you know what I had in store for you!

You finally reached the point that you could let go of the past and its accomplishments, and you started to simply enjoy Me and My daily presence, knowing that My love for you was not depending on your works, but on the fact that I love for what you are, not for what you do. This was a turning point in your life, as you started to enjoy spending hours with Me every morning and writing down in your journal all the messages that I was speaking to you.

This is when I able to put one of your ends under the tap of My fresh living waters and, shortly after that, I led you to the “window” of Internet and you learned that it could be an outlet to the whole world! My fresh living waters then started to flow through your other end into the barren fields of this world and now “the story of Bamboo” has become your story!

Tell that story to the world and let them know that this is not your work, but Mine! Those who will come to your side, to help you to reach the ends of the earth with My fresh living waters, are not helping you, they are helping Me! I will bless them, and I will repay them!

“Whatever you spend, when I come again, I will repay you!” (Luke 10:35)


  • David Bean said:

    Renato this is truth that you are speaking here. The only way we can truly work for and do the will of our Heavenly Father is to understand He loves all of us for who we are and not what we do for him. When we give up trying to earn His love and just be with Him, then we will begin to passionately pursue Him for who He is and not what we can get from Him. Great message of truth, GOd bless you my friend.

  • Bahamabob said:


    I am “in” on the last paragraph! I will help! You described not only your life here, by listening to God, but also mine and millions more lives.

    Also, I found you had given two greatly thoughtful comments on my blog, http://thebahamabob.com that were accidentally caught in the spam filter. I apologize. Your words are not “spam,” but tenderloin! Thank you and they were released from captivity to be read by others. Thanks so much for coming and writing your helpful comments. It is as you describe, we “help” each other.


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