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WFJ: My love is manifested

28 June 2009 No Comment

My love is manifested to you in every joy and pleasure that you feel in life, in every supply of your needs. Every time someone gives you love and encouragement and affection, this is My love for you.

Every time you go to My Word and you find strength and inspiration to go on, this is My love for you. When you lie down at night and are so tired and weary from your many labors, and you find sweet sleep and refreshment to your body and your spirit, this is My love to you. In your times of relaxation, when you find recreation and enjoyment and laughter, this is My love for you.

In every new thing that you learn, and every new experience that you have, in every way that you find satisfaction and joy and challenge and contentment of heart and rest of spirit and comfort to your body–all this is My love to you.

The more that you recognize Me in these everyday affairs of your life, and the more you learn to appreciate these little things that I give you and these little ways that I manifest Myself to you, the more you will grow to know, appreciate and feel My love.

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