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WFJ: My heart belongs to you!

30 October 2009 No Comment

My heart is longing for you, for our communion of heart with heart! Your heart was created to be filled by My love and without it you will never be happy and satisfied! There’s nothing in this world that will ever be able to fill and satisfy your heart, because it was created to be filled by My own heart! My heart belongs to you! Come to Me!

Come, and don’t be afraid of Me, because of the way that I have been described to you by well meaning people who don’t really know Me, who don’t truly know My heart! Think about it… you might know many people in the world, but of how many of them do you truly know their hearts, what they’re thinking, what they feel inside? Most people are used to put on a mask in the morning, to hide the way they feel about things, because they’re afraid to open up and disclose their intimate hearts! Some tried to, but have been hurt by the lack of love and consideration that they encountered, even among some of My own children, so they shut themselves in their own cages again, and they are suffering inside, in silence, without those around them even knowing or understanding.

This could be you, who are reading this! You might be longing to open up your heart to someone and express how you feel about things, without the fear of being judged, without being afraid of rejection! Come to Me, My child, and don’t be afraid! I will never judge you, nor condemn you (John 3:17)! You can tell Me whatever you want! You can even tell Me your frustrations, your rage, your anger… you can even scream if you want! I won’t hold it against you, because I understand you! I know what it means, for I have been there! I have tasted the sour juice of rejection and the loneliness of the Gethsemane” (Matt. 26:36), when even those who were dearest to Me stood not by My side in the darkest hour of My sorrow, so I know exactly how you feel …

But you know what? I went through that tunnel until I found the light at the other end of it, and then I experienced the great joy of the resurrection, when I realized that My Father hadn’t forsaken Me, but that He was there all the time, and that He had been beside Me even on the Cross, when I had thought that He had “forsaken Me” (Matt. 27:46)! He was there and He cried for Me, when He saw Me go through that agony, but He couldn’t stop them from doing Me harm! What happened there on the Cross was necessary for the salvation of mankind and, although it was painful for both My father and I, we were both willing to go through all of that just for you!

Yes, it was for you that I did it! I knew that one day you would go through something similar, that you would taste the feeling of rejection from those you love, the feeling of brokenness that you are experiencing in your heart right now, and I knew that the only way that you could trust Me and accept My help would be to know that I had been there before you!

Now, let Me take you out of the tunnel that you’re in! Let me take you in My arms and carry you out of the darkness that you’ve been in, so that you can enter into the joy of the morning that awaits those who have experienced sadness for a season!

“Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” (Psalms 30:5)

Yes, sadness is only for a season, but then comes the morning and the sun rises again “with healing in His wings” (Mal. 4:2), and here I am… I’m offering to you that rising of the Son with healing in My wings! You don’t have to continue to mourn and cry at night, but you can watch the sun rising at the horizon, while I stand next to you, and you can welcome the new day with all of the joys and blessings that it’s bringing with it! You can look forward to the day and embrace it with true joy and expectation, simply because you know that I love you and that My heart belongs to you! Yes, My heart belongs to you, and “nothing will ever separate you from My love” (Rom.8:39)!


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