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WFJ: My gift of “friendship”!

12 November 2009 One Comment

My son, you will always be My child, and nothing will ever be able to separate you from My love, except yourself! You are the only one who can turn your back on Me, but I will never turn My back on you, no matter what you do, or what you don’t do! My love for you is not dependent on your performance, but simply on My love for you!

You have been loved since the foundation of the world, even long before you were born, and there’s nothing you can ever do to turn Me away from you, for I know your heart, and I know who you are, despite of what the enemy of your soul might want you to believe! Don’t listen to his “lying vanities” (Jonah 2:8), for you are loved! You are accepted for who you are, not for what you wish you were! You are understood, and that’s one of the mysteries that most of those who study My word are not able to grasp! Why would I want to give My life and die for people who apparently “don’t deserve it”? You see, it has nothing to do with your merits, nothing to do with what you do! It has all to do with My love for you, which was established long before the world was made and you were created!

You were created to be loved, and that’s the first and number one purpose of your life, to be loved by Me! You are a recipient of My love, and that’s what your life it’s all about! It’s a relationship I want, not service! “I do not call you servants, but friends” (John 15:15)!

Friends are not servants; they are not called upon to serve, but to love and to receive love from their friends! Now, if I called you “friends, not servants”, doesn’t that imply that you are not expected to perform any great “work of righteousness” (Titus 3:5), but to simply receive My love? Think about it for a moment… what are friends for? Are they there to serve you? They might serve you out of love, if they want to, but they are not required to! So it is with My relationship with you! You have been called to be My “friend”, not a servant! You were created to be loved by Me, and that’s not dependent on what you do, but on My desire to make you happy with My love!

It’s written in My Word that “greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13)! It says “friends”, not servants! Not even brothers and sisters, but “friends”! Most people don’t understand the great value of friendship!

A true friend is a friend because he loves you, he understands you and he accepts you for who you are. He’s not there for what he can get out of you, or for what he can make you do, but he’s there for you, for who you are! He will not compel you to do what he likes you to do, but he’s there to share. He wants to share his friendship and his love with you. He wants to be with you, simply because he enjoys being with you. There are no constrictions there…

A true friend will not turn his back as soon as things get rough for you! On the contrary, true friends will be there especially during the hard times and they will come by your side to help you make it over the hump. A true friend will even give his life for you, and that’s what I did, I gave my life for My friends. You were one of them, one of the friends for whom I gave My life on the Cross! Do I want something in return? No! Just your love, your friendship! That’s all there is to it! Whatever else you do for Me will come out of your love for Me, as a friend, not out of a sense of duty, as a servant! You are not a servant, but a friend! So, take My love and My friendship and cherish it! I love you.

The gift of friendship:

“The story is told of a great emperor who once reigned magnificently in Persia, but loved to mingle with the people in disguise. Once, dressed as a poor man, he descended the long flight of stairs, dark and damp, to the tiny cellar where the fireman, seated on ashes, was tending the furnace.

The king sat down beside him and began to talk. At meal time the fireman produced some coarse, black bread and a jug of water and they ate and drank. The Shah went away, but returned again and again, for his heart was filled with sympathy for the lonely man. He gave him sweet counsel, and the poor man opened his whole heart and loved this friend, so kind, so wise, and yet poor like himself.

At last the emperor thought, ‘I will tell him who I am, and see what gift he will ask.’ He said, ‘You think me poor, but I am your emperor.’ He expected a petition for some great thing, but the man sat silent, gazing on him with love and wonder. Then the king said. ‘Haven’t you understood? I can make you rich and noble, I can appoint you as a great ruler. Have you nothing to ask?’

The man replied gently, ‘Yes, my lord, I understood. But what is this you have done, to leave your palace and glory, to sit with me in this dark place, to partake of my coarse fare, to care whether my heart is glad or sorry? You can give nothing more precious. On others you may bestow rich presents, but to me you have given yourself; and it only remains to ask that younever withdraw this gift of your friendship.’

“The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve,
and to give His life a ransom for many”
(Mark 10:45).

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  • Randy Peck said:

    Dear Renato, Thank you for sharing this beautiful message from the LORD about love and friendship. You’re making a big difference. The WFJ movement you started is gaining momentum. Many blessings, Randy