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WFJ: Moved by the wind of My Spirit!

26 November 2009 No Comment

Life was created by Me, and by My Father in Heaven, to establish a loving relationship with you and with all human beings on earth. When I created the world, and everything in it, My Father and I had planned to have a intimate relationship with each of My children. You were created as spiritual beings, not only physical, and it’s in the heart of your spirit that you can establish this intimate relationship with Me.

Unfortunately, ever since the beginning man chose to go on his own, without a relationship with Me, thinking that he could make it on his own. When he chose to partake of the fruit of knowledge of good and evil, he decided to do without Me, thinking that the knowledge would have provided what he needed to run his life without Me. It was a choice that he made, and I couldn’t stop him, just like you human beings cannot stop your own children from making their own choices, even those that you don’t agree with.

Man has been created free and able to make his own choices, for he has a soul and a will of his own, where he can decide free from any constriction. His decisions are dictated by what he believes, and since the beginning he chose to not believe My word. I warned him not to eat of that fruit, which would spiritually kill him, but he chose to believe the lie that he would become like God! It was in his own majesty of choice that he made that decision, and that is why he couldn’t justify himself and blame the serpent, even if he did try to.

Every human being will one day have to come before Me and take responsibility for his own free choices. Think about it for a moment: on what are you basing the choices of your life? On what you believe! If someone tells you that, if you do something or if you buy a certain product, you will get certain benefits, you can choose whether to believe it or not, but it’s “according to your faith that it’s done unto you” (Matthew 9:29)!

The choice to believe a lie, instead of believing in Me, is what led man to make a mistake that brought with it the consequences that you still see in the world today. On the contrary, the choice to believe in My Word, and in My sacrifice on the Cross, leads you to take steps in the right direction, one which leads you closer to Me, and that’s what I desire the most: a personal and intimate relationship with you.

I wish to restore the relationship and communion that we lost, so that you can spiritually grow and reap the benefits of My Spirit, which will manifest themselves in your life through love, joy, peace … The whole world is seeking after these fruits, but they cannot find them, for they are seeking them in the wrong places. The are seeking them in entertainments and passions that can only last for a short while and then they are gone, without having filled the emptiness that was created to be filled only by an eternal relationship with Me and My Spirit.

You have found the keys for a deep and intimate relationship with Me, and I wish that you continue to share these with those who read what you write, because I want to restore that personal communion that was lost with each of My children. Teach them to seek My face and to look to Me in every moment, to converse with Me and listen to My voice, and you will have given each of them the opportunity to grow spiritually, and to be able to walk again in the garden that I created for My children.

It’s walking with Me, in a deep and intimate relationship, that your reality will be transformed in a garden of peace, an oasis of love, and a continual taste of My joy, no matter what “seemingly” adverse circumstances you might be in. I say “seemingly”, for nothing is truly adverse to man, except his perception of it!

Think of a sailing boat: the contrary winds are never “adverse”, if your sails are being used to properly channel the wind in a way that pushes your boat forward! There are actually no adverse winds, for they can push you ahead if you learn to relate with the events of your life properly. It’s the lack of wind that leaves your boat standing still and tossed by the waves! The most adverse danger for man is the lack of wind! My Word describes My Holy Spirit as a “wind that blows where it wants. You hear the sound thereof, but cannot tell from where it comes, and where it goes: so is every one that is born of the Spirit” (John 3:8).

What are you looking for? A life without wind, or a life moved by the wind of My Spirit that makes you experience the joy and ecstasy of change and progress! Think of it for a minute: what is death but the absence of life? And what is darkness but the absence of light? That’s what life gets down to, without the life and light of My Spirit, which leads you in the paths of righteousness that I have prepared for you.

I’m thankful that you’re living in My presence, in intimate communion with Me, and I want you to share that with others! Try to build a loving relationship with those that I put next to you, so that you’re not shutting them out, but you’re bringing them in the circle of love that I have formed with you. I love you.

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