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WFJ: Love is what Christmas means!

24 December 2009 3 Comments

Morning Praise:

Thank you for that beautiful song, Jesus, You raise me up! It’s really powerful and I thank You for it, because You really do raise me up with that song! Thank You, Jesus, that when I’m down, and oh, my soul’s so weary, when trouble comes and my heart troubles me, then I’m still here waiting in the silence until You come and sit a while with me! You raise me up so I can stand on mountains, You raise me up to walk on stormy seas, I’m strong, when I’m on Your shoulders, You raise me up to me more that I can be! Thank You Father! Thank you that I’m never alone in this world, but You’re always here with me! Thank you Father! Thank you Jesus! Thank you precious Holy Spirit of God! I’m never alone! Yahoo!

Happy Birthday, dear Jesus! Happy Birthday! On this day when the whole world is about to celebrate Your birth on earth, I want to lift up my heart to You and give You praise and glory, for You are the One who made love possible in this world! You taught us to love and I want to be Your disciple! I want to love like never before, I want to be a light to the valley below me, so that everyone will know that You are Love! You are God! You are the source of love, and it’s in you that we find the strength to stand on mountains and walk on stormy seas! Thank you Jesus! Happy Birthday, dear Lord!

Please speak to me now and instruct me for this day! There’s so much to do, and I want to make sure that I hit the mark of Your highest will, in your precious Name, Jesus, amen.

(Words From Jesus): “Let Me come and sit a while with thee! My son, come and sit on My shoulders, so that we can walk on stormy seas, and stand high and tall on the mountain top of My Spirit, from where you can see the word with another perspective! You see horizons that you’ve never explored, and I want to explore them with you, so we can reach the ends of the earth with the good news of My love!

My son, the world is laying there in the darkness and they need My love to bring them back the warmth and joy of life that they’ve lost! You’ve been called and chosen to be one of My apostles for this day, for you have the keys that will help people experience My love in a way that they never have before! You can teach the whole world about an intimate relationship with Me; you can teach them to enter into My presence with words of praise and gratitude; you can teach them to unburden their hearts in My presence and sit in silence, as they wait for Me to comfort their hearts and help them experience the healing that is available for all of My children when they call upon Me! You can teach them how to experience the Shekina Glory that comes upon you, when you are filled with praise and you have heard My voice! You can teach them how to be One with Me and have the faith to expect miracles by faith!

Just come and sit on My shoulders, so we can go forth from this day on to reach for the new horizons that are ahead of you, but that will soon be reached if you continue to believe and to walk by faith, not by sight! Remember that the enemy of your soul is always hiding out in the bush, ready to jump on you with lies and accusations to make you feel that you are nothing, that you have nothing to stand on, because he knows how powerful you will be once you stand on My shoulders and you lift the banner of My love for all to see! He’s afraid of you, My son, and that’s why he hates you so much! Don’t give him room, but slam the door to his face! Grab My shoulders and sit on them as we run to the battle and claim souls for My Kingdom! Let us go forth with faith, for a new day is arising at the horizon and you will soon see the fulfillment of all that you have desired and prayed for all these years!

Your destiny is ahead of you, and you are yet to see the glory that shall be revealed, if you continue to walk by faith and obey My commandments! What are these? Thou shall love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, mind and soul, and the second one is: love thy neighbor as thyself; on these two, nothing else, stand all My law! My Law is love, and that’s what reigns supreme in My Kingdom, My Love! Everything else will pass away! “Whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease” (1 Cor. 13:8); whether there be powerful manifestations of My presence, all of these will tone down when My anointing of love falls on the shoulders of “those that seek Me early” (Prov. 8:17) and pour forth My love to the nations as rivers of living waters! Come and sit with Me! Learn from Me, for I’m meek and lowly of heart! I’m not looking for powerful preachers, but for humble servants who will just do what I’m asking them to, and pour My love to the nations!

Love is what the whole world is seeking for! Love is what Christmas means! Love is what you’re called to proclaim on this day of My Birthday! Love is what you must proclaim today! Let love rule and reign the earth! Let My love be the answer that will satisfy every longing of My children‘s hearts! Thank you for being available to give My message of love to the world!

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  • Ben Stewart said:

    Thank you my brother Renato and for our sister, your wife Patrizia whom Jesus has placed beside you for comfort,love and Godly counsel through these many years. Your shared message of love along with the music and song lift me this morning as we seek Jesus to lift us in this time of need. Renato, thank you as you’ve given me reason to pause and listen to Jesus through your witness.

    It is in His divine love I write and share in His grace as we celebrate Christmas together. Kay and I with our family in North Carolina, you and Patrizia with your Kingdom family in Italy. Welcome home from your travels to Switzerland.

    Kay and I continue to lift you and your family (much focus on Leonardo’s wellness in UK).

    In Jesus,

    Brother Ben

  • Randy Peck, M.D. said:

    Wow Renato! What a beautiful message and video. My eyes welled up with tears as I read the dialog between you and Jesus. I agree that you one of the LORD’s apostles in these last days to help people experience Jesus’ love in a way that they never have before! Blessings for extraordinary favor with God and man! Randy