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WFJ: Love is the foundation!

30 April 2010 One Comment

(Words From Jesus>): “It’s very simple to “come unto Me”, and yet there are many in the world today who are struggling to find Me! They don’t know how easy it is for them to just simply turn towards Me and tune in to My whispers in their hearts (Isaiah 55:3)!

Once you’ve learned to come and have fellowship with Me, things will begin to make sense in your life and you will know that “all things work together for your good” (Romans 8:28)!

There are many in the world who don’t know Me yet, and it’s the responsibility of My children to reach out and teach them to connect with Me! Yes, it’s a connection, a friendship and a relationship that I seek! If My children will learn to fellowship with Me throughout the day, then it won’t be hard for them to also connect with others around them and learn to interact with them in love!

Love is the foundation base of all working relationships, and as you learn to love Me with all of your hearts and minds and souls, you will also learn to love others as yourselves and you will be what I designed you to be: channels of My love!

I want you to be channels of My love to the world! The world knows enough hell as it is, with all the bad news that they get bombarded with every day through the media. It’s time for My children to broadcast the good news, the news that will encourage people in the world that there’s love! Love exists, because I exist, and I’m real! I’m love!

Let the whole world know that love is real! Love is the essence of My being! Love is at the helm of the universe! Love is My nature, love is My character, love is what I am; and I want you all to become like Me, as people who love, people who care, people who are concerned for others, people who seek others’ happiness, people who glorify Me and My nature of love in all that they do!

Love is the banner, love is the emblem, love is the insignia, love is the seal, love is what separates you from the world, and the whole world will know that you are My disciples and followers when they see you interacting with others in love (John 13:35)!

Proclaim My love, and let My love rule the world! This is when My kingdom will have come, and I will not be satisfied until love covers the earth as the waters covers the seas. I love you.”

“His banner over me was love” (Song of Salomon 2:4)
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