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WFJ: Life is about sharing!

25 June 2010 One Comment

Morning Praise: Jesus, as I sit here in the early morning and look out the window, I can only lift my heart towards You and praise You, for You watch over me carefully, like a father who cares for his dear child! I love being Your child, playing with You, enjoying life with You, taking time to enjoy nature and the world that You have created around me…

I know that I should do more of this. Please help me to enjoy life more, to “rejoice with the wife of my youth” (Proverbs 5:18) that You so kindly put next to me. My heart cannot even begin to express the gratitude that I feel for all that You have done for me!

You have done so much for me, Jesus, and I’m thankful!  I’m so thankful for all the people that You have put in our path, special people… I’m thankful that I can share Your love with them, and I want to do more of that! I’m thankful that, together with my wife, we can make a team that can reach out and share Your love with the world, and I want to do more of that! I’m thankful that You have equipped us with much training that we can use to impact the people around us, and I really want to do more of that, Jesus!

I want to share Your love with others, I want to touch the hearts of those that You put in our path, I want to reach out and feed Your sheep! Jesus, please help me, equip me, fill me with Your Spirit and empower me to touch the hearts of those that You put on my path and reach them with Your love! Please fill me with Your Spirit and help me to make clear plans and steps towards reaching those goals! Will You please fill me with Your love? Will You give us Your Spirit of love so we can reach others with Your love? I need You, Jesus!

Words From Jesus: “Life is about sharing! The meaning of life is to share it with others. “It’s not good”, and I never intended, “for man to be alone” (Genesis 2:18), for it’s in sharing your life with others that you find true meaning!

You belong to a body and, apart from that body, you have no purpose in life! Each member of the body is there to serve a purpose and to help the whole body function! “My body is made of many members” (1 Cor. 12:12), but if every member will just care for itself and does not care for the other members, then what do you think it would happen to the body?

My body is torn right now, because My children are not functioning together as they should, serving one another in love! I want you to “feed My sheep” (John 21:16) and to “strengthen thy brethren” (Luke 22:32)! It’s time for you to strengthen My body, for there’s quite a bit of disarray amongst My flock right now! Many don’t really understand what’s happening and need to be strengthened! They need to be recharged with “the water of life” (Rev. 22:17) and with “the bread of heaven” (John 6:58)!

This is your chance to get out there and strengthen your brethren and feed My sheep! This is the time for you to gather the flock around My word, and you can do that! You can reach out to those who are lost and confused and gather them around My word! It’s My word that will give “light and understanding to the simple” (Psalm 119:130), and it’s My word that will strengthen your brethren! Take time to feed My sheep and I will take care of you! Take time to strengthen your brethren, and I will strengthen you! I love you!”

More “Words to Jesus”: https://renatoamato.com/en/journaling/words-to-jesus/
More “Words from Jesus”: https://renatoamato.com/en/journaling/words-from-jesus/

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  • Ben Stewart said:

    Dear Brother Renato…yes, my brother in Jesus,

    As we share our lives of faith in Jesus, deeper love, dependence and adoration flourish. We reach new heights of understanding and often the gulf widens between those of the world (even if for a short while). Yes, our children too. We seek ways to encourage and scream out, LORD, help us to help them to hear. It can be confounding as we wait to hear. Then we dig deeper into His purpose for us in such situations. He simply says “love me and I will show the way. Listen, and I will show you the way. Speak, for I have shown you the way. Then be still my child and listen. Dwell in my healing Word and hear. I am sharing the way for you to share.” It is in His love that I share love.

    Blessings, Brother Ben

    PS Letting go and letting God direct our paths is the way.