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WFJ: I’m holding the helm!

3 December 2009 No Comment

My child, you have nothing to worry about, for I watch over you, like My Father does with each sparrow that comes into the world … none of them falls without Him being right there with each of them. So it is with you, none of what befalls you is out of My reach and control. I’m right there by your side at each step of the way and, if something happens to you, then you must immediately seek Me and My presence, and ask Me to intervene!

Let Me take over the helm of your boat and bring it safely to shore! Don’t be afraid of the winds and the waves that rise over you as gigantic walls of water, for I’m right there holding the helm of your boat, and I promise you that you will arise over those waves and you will sail to safety with My help and intervention.

You are Mine, as I bought you with My blood for a purpose! My purposes in your life will be established and you will bear the abundant fruit that I promised you to bear for My kingdom, so hold fast to My words and My promises and let Me bring them to pass!

Learn to organize your life around My instructions for each and every day, and let Me coach you through the steps to fruitfulness! It’s My desire that you bear much fruit, and that your fruit remains, so I’m more interested than you are in your safety and health and wellbeing! You are the temple of My spirit, and will I not care for My own? I will care for you and make sure that you are provided for, but you must listen to My whispers and let Me guide your life.

Follow My instructions, day by day, and don’t be concerned about what you are able or not able to do, for I will take care of that, as long as you follow Me and let Me guide and direct each one of your steps. I love you!

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