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WFJ: I’m giving you My heart!

10 February 2010 2 Comments

My Spirit dwells in the humble hearts of those who walk with Me daily. My Spirit dwells in the hearts of those who walk humbly in My presence. My Spirit dwells in the hearts of those who love Me. My Spirit dwells in your heart!

I abide with you and I will never leave you! You can always find Me whenever you need Me! I’m there with you to strengthen you and give you help in time of need! Just learn to bask in My sunshine and to enjoy My presence! I’m strengthening you and empowering you to be what you are meant to be! If you are leaning on My Spirit in you, then you can do all things! There’s nothing that can stop a man filled with My Spirit and My power and My strength!

Are you intentional in reaching your objectives? Are you persuaded that this is what you are supposed to do? Then follow the direction that I placed in your heart! Don’t look to the right or to the left, but take a hold of My hand and let Me take you where I want you to go! If you are willing to go where I want you to go, then I will take you there and it won’t be a struggle, because nothing is too hard for Me! There’s no obstacle that can stop a man of faith, if you are persuaded that this is what I want you to do and what you are meant to be in this life!

My child, I have spoken to you before and you know that I want to equip you with the tools that you need to heal broken lives! There are many who are crying out to Me day and night, and their hearts are broken! Will you be My heart reaching out to them? You ask Me, “how can I be Your heart, Lord”? It’s simple, when your heart is knit with Mine, then we become One and you can feel the love that I have for those who are broken. My love will guide you and motivate you and compel you to answer their heart-cries and respond with My love!

Isn’t this what you have asked Me for? You have asked for My heart, and I’m giving it to you! You will be known as a man after My own heart! Yes, like David of old, who was not perfect and did a lot of wrong things in his life, you are also a man of like passion, with weaknesses and frailties, but your heart is in the right place and this is what I see: your heart! Your heart is after My heart, and I respond to your inner prayer by filling you with the love of My heart, so that together we can reach out to those who are broken and bring them healing!

Don’t be afraid to claim this as your anointing, for it’s yours and you’ve been anointed by Me to Heal Broken Hearts! “Study to show thyself approved be God” (2Tim. 2:15), as a faithful man who’s not afraid to be what I made him to be, and you will be a blessing to many and a strength to thy brethren who have been weakened and are weary in well doing!

“Strengthen thy brethren” (Luke 22:32), “feed My sheep” (John 21:16) and “make disciples” (Matt. 28:19); this is what you are called to do and it’s what I will do through you! Just take My hand and let Me guide you where I have placed in your heart to go! I love you!

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  • Ben Stewart said:

    Dear brother Renato,

    Thank you for sharing WFJ with me this morning. Your words of today and each day are such an encouragement. I’m reflecting on our call of this past Monday when I said that I have not been ordained as a minister while still ministering and being ministered to. Your warm challenge to me to consider why I felt that I’m not ordained (in the church) but rather a higher calling that has already ordained me and set me apart in Jesus. Thank you for your helping me to open my eyes to that which has already been done by Jesus. OK, now I’m moving forward with greater intention resulting from your powerful question. Jesus is the greatest coach of all. Renato, you have been called by Him. You are an incredible coach in helping me in my daily growth. May Jesus continue His richest blessings in your life, in Patrizia’s life and in your children’s lives and grandchildren’s lives for generations to come. Amen
    .-= Ben Stewart´s last blog ..VICTORY IN BROKENNESS =-.

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