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WFJ: Fruits from the tree!

19 August 2009 5 Comments

This morning, after taking my usual time of intimate communion with the Lord, I took a walk in the garden of my daughter’s house, looking at the flowers that my wife had just recently planted, breathing in the fresh air and sunshine that is so rare here in London, and praising God in my heart for His wonderful creation around me, when suddenly an apple fell at my feet from the tree! There are two trees in my daughter’s garden, one bearing apples and the other bearing pears, and at this time of the year these are both full of fruits, some of which are falling off into the grass.

As I knelt down to pick up that apple, the Lord started speaking to me:

“See? You didn’t have to do anything to produce that apple, but that’s what I use to feed you and take care of your physical needs! The same works in the realm of My Spirit. I said in My Word that, if you take your delight in Me, you shall be like a tree planted by the rives of water, that brings forth fruit in his season (Psalm 1:3)! What does the tree do to bring forth that fruit? Nothing! It simply sits there still, with its branches raised in praise towards Me, breathing in the fresh air and oxygen that I provide, and receiving strength by absorbing the life-giving sap that comes from its roots buried in the soil! The same is with your life, you don’t have to do anything to bear fruit for My Kingdom, except to breathe in the presence of My Spirit through your daily praise and worship time, and absorb the minerals of My Word by being deeply “rooted in Me” (Colossians 2:7), through the reading of My written Word and the hearing of My living Words, which “are spirit and life” (John 6:63)!

Then you shall be like a tree planted by rives of water and you will bring forth fruit in your season, and then you will have the strength and the wisdom to give shelter to My birds, those who will be flying into your branches to build nests under your shade (Matthew 13:32). See? My birds are looking for a place to build their nests and bear their babies, and they need a tall and strong tree that will shelter them and give shade to their little ones, and you can be that tree! All you have to do is to continue to absorb the minerals of My Word and breathe in the fresh air of My Spirit, through your praises! The fruits will fall off your tree without any effort on your side, for I will bring forth fruit in your life, and I will make the fruits fall off your tree at your feet to provide all your needs according to My riches and glory!”

These words reminded me of a vision that I had many years ago. Look it up under the new category that I’m adding to this site: “Vision from Jesus”! “VFJ: A tree in God’s Kingdom”!


  • Jerry Graham said:

    Great reminder, Renato. We just need to be still from time to time, don’t we? This post and the one about the vision make a great pair that will themselves bear fruit and bless many people. We all thank you for sharing the fruit of your life so openly and transparently. Bless you!

  • David Bean said:

    Yes Renato this quite time and being still in God’s presence is so important. It helps us understand that it is not me that is important it is me in the presence of God that is important. When we do this all these other things will be added unto us. God bless you for reminding me of what is most important.

  • Bob said:

    The experience you had started out with God telling you how easy it is to feed you! Neither trees nor people need too worry about money. That is what I see in this larger metaphor. Thanks for it,


  • Randy Peck said:

    Wow, Renato! What a great reminder of the importance of basking in God’s presence and praising Him. Working harder is not the answer. Abiding more deeply is. Having our sails out to catch the wind of the Holy Spirit is. Blessings, Randy

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    […] The picture of Jesus’ bride, as “individuals who together form a spiritual city with a living river flowing through the middle, and on both shores trees growing with fruit that will heal the hurt and sorrows of the nations” reminds me of a “Vision from Jesus” that I received years ago, entitled “VFJ: A tree in God’s Kingdom!”, and the following “Words from Jesus”, entitled “Fruits from a tree!” […]