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WFJ: Faith and Trust!

3 August 2009 2 Comments

Remember these words, Faith and Trust, for they are keys to unlock many “impossibilities” for you! They will open many doors for you, if you just have: (1) faith to believe that I can do what seems impossible to you, and (2) trust that I’m in control of all things, and that every step of your life has been ordained by Me!

I’m the one who has led you this far, and I will continue to lead you wherever you go! I’m the One who has opened the door for you to talk to the world! You don’t have to do it, you just have to have faith and trust to believe that I will do it through you! I will anoint you and give you words to speak with such a confidence that people will notice the peace of your spirit, and they will know that you have been sent by Me to heal their broken hearts! There are others who are offering inner healing, but they are just trying to attract them to themselves, whereas you are leading them to Me, and you’re trying to help them find healing in a closer relationship with Me! Those who will hear you speak, they will know that you are sincere and that you are trying to lead them to Me!

“My sheep follow Me: for they know My voice.” (John 10:4)

Of course there will always be those who will not listen, because they don’t recognize the presence of My Spirit, just as they didn’t recognize it when I was on earth (Mark 3:21); but just think about those who want to hear what you have to say, because they are those who sense by the way you talk, and the things you share, that you have been sent to lead them to Me, so that I can heal their broken hearts! (Luke 4:18)

Trust Me! Believe it and have faith! Many miracles will be done through one who has faith that I’m talking to him and guiding his steps, but remember also that many miracles I was not able to do where there was no faith (Matthew 13:58)! I want to be honored with faith! Honor Me with words of positive faith and trust and confidence that you are not alone in this, but that I’m with you, always! I will grow your flock! I will enlarge your tents, and I will do a wonderful thing before your eyes, so that you will know that this a work of Mine, nothing to do with yourself or with your own lack of capabilities!

Follow your destiny, and remember these words: faith and trust! Continue to cultivate your faith and trust in Me, and watch My mighty hand do wonderful things for those who will be led by My Spirit to listen to what you say and read what you write! There are many who are broken and who need to be strengthened and encouraged by the voice of My Spirit!


  • David Bean said:

    Thank you again for these encouraging words. I pray every morning for more faith and for the Holy Spirit to guide me into his trusting arms. Then and only then can I or anyone accomplish anything for Jesus. Thank you and continue to send these comforting words from the Savior of the world.

  • Jerry Graham said:

    Excellent word, Renato. I receive it just as if it had come to me directly. We all need to be reminded occasionally about this reality.
    God bless,