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WFJ: Don’t be afraid to jump!

19 September 2009 4 Comments

You’ve reached the edge of yourself and of your own capabilities, and you don’t know what to do! You’re scared and afraid, because you find yourself in an unknown situation and for you it’s like jumping out of an airplane for the first time! Even with a parachute, it’s scary! But that’s the reason that you climbed into the plane and you flew up here: to jump! And no matter how scary it seems, don’t lean on your feelings, proceed by faith, by trusting in Me, “the Author and Finisher of your faith” (Hebrews 12:2)! I will give you the faith for the jump!

I know the feeling, that it’s scary, but that’s the walk of faith! You could go back to live the way that you were used to, staying comfortably in your own setting, without having to step out by faith, but that’s not going to make you experience My power and grace and strength to sustain you in what seems impossible for you, but it’s nothing for Me! Is there anything impossible for God, for the living God Who made Heaven and Earth? Is there something that I cannot do? Except lying, of course, that’s the only thing that for Me “it’s impossible” (Hebrews 6:18), for it is not part of My divine nature!

My word declares very clearly that “with God nothing is impossible” (Luke 1:37), and also that “all things are possible to him that believes”(Mark 9:23)! It then adds that you “can do all things through Christ Who strengthens you” (Philippians 4:13)! So, do you believe that I will strengthen you and will give you the grace and power to do what to you seems humanly impossible? That’s what’s so exciting about the life of faith, that you don’t have to depend on your own capabilities, but you can simply step out by faith and expect Me to do what seems impossible for you, but which is nothing for me!

Don’ be afraid to jump! Just take that leap of faith and let Me carry you on the winds of My Spirit to heights that you’ve never seen before, to see the world from on high and enjoy the ride, the scenery and the beauty of it all! Don’t be afraid, your parachute of faith will carry you on the winds of My Spirit and will help you reach your destination! You don’t have to feel that you know what you’re doing, just as long as you trust Me, that I know what I’m doing!

Did I make a mistake when I chose you to do things that for you seemed impossible? No, you just followed Me until you got here and now you’re ready to jump! You’re scary, and that’s understandable, but don’t let that feeling stop you from doing what you know that I want you to do, for it’s not your work, but Mine!

Can you trust Me? Can you trust that I know what I’m doing? Can you trust Me that I’ will teach you the steps to take, one at the time, and that you will reach your destination without any doubt? Like I said, there only one thing that “I cannot do”, and that’s lying (Titus 1:2), so unless you doubt that I’m lying to you, then you should just trust Me to take you on My wings and help you reach your goal!

I’m here, right here by your side! You’re not alone in this, and I will teach you and show you what to do, step by step. Trust Me!


  • Lynne Lee said:

    Renato thank you for sharing with us what God has been telling you.

    We always have the option of taking the easy route, God doesn’t force us to step out in faith, but life is so much better when we dare to take God at His word and take a leap of faith.

    Walking with God is a bit scary at times, but I’d rather be a bit uncomfortable than go for the easy option and miss out on God’s best.

    May you be blessed to be a blessing


    PS You will find encouragement to walk in faith here A Closer Walk With God – Trust God

  • Deb Smith said:

    Hi Renato! This is a great word for where I am getting ready to go! I hope I can visit you all sometime in Italy…it has been years since Venice and I have never been to Rome!!

    God bless you today


  • Bahamabob said:

    Thank you for your faithful journaling of your times with God. This has been a missing link in much of the Body of Christ.

    I also want to thank you for commenting on mine. It is so encouraging that God is speaking to us “exactly the same thing.” This is: He wants us to be intimate with him. People are afraid of Him. So we are speaking to them through out blogs so they can hear.

    I pray all of us will lose any fear we have of a God who is LOVE! How silly we are to be afraid of the only One who truly loves and protects us.



  • David Bean said:

    Renoto this has so much truth in it, and I know so many Christians who do not believe this and it makes me sad. Let us all take that leap of faith and let God use us for His purposes and just watch the miracles happen. God Bless.