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WFJ: Become one flesh with Me!

29 August 2009 3 Comments

I will guide you in the direction that I have planned for you, but I can only do it as long as you come to Me daily and you listen to My whispers. My Spirit has been poured “upon all flesh” (Acts 2:17) in this day and age, and My children are called to be the prophets that the world needs, but they can only become that if they turn away from the things of the world towards Me, to look into the eyes of My Spirit, and listen to My voice, so that when you speak, “it’s not you that speak, but the Spirit of the Father that speaks in you”! (Matthew 10:20)

There are too many of My children who speak their own words to the world, but these are empty and they lack the power of My Spirit! When you speak, you have to open your heart to Me and let My Spirit speak, for the world needs to hear My voice! There are too many voices out there and a lot of My children are lost in all of that. You have to raise your voice as a prophet to the nations! Let the world hear what I have to say, for I’m tired of those who are afraid to offend, afraid to speak up, afraid to let My voice be heard! Did Moses do that? Did the prophets of old do that? Even when they did, My Power overtook them and spoke through them anyways, because their hearts were turned towards Me! They were men “after My own heart”! (Acts 13:22)

That’s so key to your fruitfulness and results, you have to be “after My heart”! You have to follow My heart, and be a channel of My love to the world! Let My heart beat in unison with yours, so you can feel what I feel and hear what I’m saying and you can “become one flesh” with Me! Remember the “great mystery” of which Paul spoke in one of his epistles? He quoted a passage from Genesis (2:24) about man leaving his father to become “one flesh” with his wife, and then he added: “This is a great mystery, but I’m speaking of Christ and the Church!” (Ephesians 5:31,32)

That mystery is unfolding today! I left My Father in Heaven and came to earth to find those who would become “one flesh” with Me, those who would let Me take over their body, mind and spirit, so that it will be “not you that live, but I that live in you” (Galatians 2:20)! I want the full possession of your body, mind and spirit, so that it’s not you that speak, but My Spirit that speaks through you to the world! I want to become one flesh with you and I want your body to be the temple of My Spirit, the place where I live today, so that the world might be able to see and touch and feel in a very tangible way that I’m real!

I’m real! I exist and dwell in the hearts of those of My children who have forsaken the world to “become one flesh with Me”! This is My call to all of My children today! “Come out from among them and be separate” (2 Cor. 6:17), so that you can be Mine and not of the world!
If you were of the world, the world would have loved you, but since you are not of the world, the world hates you (John 15:19), for they hated Me ever since the beginning! Be separate therefore and become one nation, one tribe of hearts under the rule and sovereignty of My Spirit dwelling in your hearts. I love you!


  • Bahamabob said:

    Again, the Holy Spirit has confirmed. Read my dream posted only hours before this. I never talked to you or read this. I dreamed this, and quoted the same Scripture!! Praise God! Thank you for being “the man on the wall.”

  • Kirsten said:

    I am so moved by this post, I don’t know WHAT to say! You could not have been more direct, but I want to know how best to hear His voice and How best to surrender to His spirit 4nothing would please/honor me more than to be “one flesh” with the son of God! I read my bible and speak his promises. Is this practice sufficient to hear His whispers? Any suggestions at all? I would be ever so grateful to you or to Bob for any comments.

    Peace be unto you!

  • Carrie Stone said:

    How beautiful,Renato! I have been writing about this in my book on fear. It is so true, so timely and so convicting to the lovers of Jesus.
    Thank you for being an open book for the world to read.
    God bless you,