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WFJ: “As brave as a lion”!

29 July 2009 3 Comments

"As brave as a lion"! Last night, July 28, 2009, at 9.17 pm (BST London time) our second grandchild, Leonardo (which means “As brave as a lion”) was born! It was a surprise, as our daughter Sara was not expecting until a few days later, but yesterday afternoon her labor started and within a few hours she give birth to a big baby boy of 9 lbs 1oz, another important life that came to bless the world with his presence!

When praying for the baby, this morning the Lord said:

“Let it be recorded in the annals of Heaven that another important life has been born! This is a life that will touch the hearts of many and will make a difference in the world, because he will mighty amongst My children and will be “brave as a lion”! As little David was brave amongst his people and defended his flock from the lion and the bear (1Samuel 17:34-37), so will this one be brave amongst My children and, together with Alessia, will defend My lambs and My infants in the faith! They will nurture My little ones and they will do exploits amongst men! Let it be written and let it be recorded that these are children who will be raised in the faith of their fathers and will inherit the mantle of My love from their ancestors.”

As you can all imagine, it was a stretch of faith for me to publish these WFJ’s, but when hesitating, the Lord told me:

“Look in My Word and you will see that many of My children were prophesied upon at their birth and went on to fulfill their destiny and what was foretold of them! Be at peace and don’t be afraid to publish it, for it will strengthen My children to see the importance of praying for each child that comes into the world , especially those born in the household of faith! None of them ever come into the world without an important role and destiny to fulfill, so don’t be afraid to publish these prophetic words and to leave them there for a witness! I will uphold the words that I speak unto you and will make them come to pass! Trust Me!


  • Jerry Graham said:

    Magnificent! Congratulations to you and your entire family. What a blessing. Sharon and I rejoice with you all.
    God bless,

  • Randy Peck said:

    Hi Renato, Congraulations to you, Patrizia, Sara, and Wayne on the birth of this baby. Thank you for putting up the photo so quickly. Julia and I extend our love from Virginia to your whole family. Blessings, Randy

  • David Bean said:

    Congratulations Renato and Patrizia. I am also expecting my first grandchild in about two weeks. You have given me insite as to how I need to pray for her and to write down what God gives me as her destiny. Thank you for being so faithful to the work of God and His Kingdom. Again congratulations and many blessings from God will continue to flow your way.