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WFJ: All relationships restored!

24 November 2009 One Comment

Precious is your heart to Me, when you come first thing in the morning with songs of praise and thanksgiving! These are first fruits of your time, and I cherish them as gifts of great price! I treasure our times together in the morning when you sing: “Just give me Jesus! You can have this whole world, just give Me Jesus”!

This is what you ask, and this is what you get! You get Me, the Son of the Living God, who’s not only your Friend, but I’m also your Lover! We spend these times in the morning loving each other and singing together and looking forward to the day that awaits you, where you can overflow with My love unto those around you!

Today there will be challenges to face, and you will have to keep your eyes and heart fixed on Me, the Author and Finisher of your faith, for without Me you can do nothing good, and anything bad! You need Me, and I also need you! Yes, I’m the Son of the Living God, and I’m humbling Myself to admit that I need you, My Bride, just as much as you need Me, your Bridegroom! We are wed together and we have a great task ahead to bring into our circle of love all those who are hungry and thirsty for the living God!

There are those whose “tears have been their meat day and night” (Psalms 42:3), as they continually seek My face, for their souls are panting for God, for the Living God who made heaven and earth, and Who’s the Beginning and the End. I’m setting up My Kingdom in the hearts of My children, and this will soon cover the world as the water covers the seas, and you will be as the stars of the firmament and the sand of sea which cannot be numbered!

So let us walk hand in hand towards this glorious day, as we gather the fruits in the baskets and we carry them gently at the foot of the Cross, where all is washed away, all sufferings, all pain, all sorrows and sins… all being remade and regenerated by My Spirit in the hearts of “those who seek Me early” (Prov.8:17) and “taste and see that I’m good” (Psalms 34:8)! Every tear will be dried by My gentle hand and each wound will be healed by My infinite love! Your will remember the pain no more, for behold I do everything new, and all relationships will be restored by the power of My love!

Sit silently in My presence and listen carefully to My voice, for this is a wonderful thing that I’m doing in your life! This is what you have been waiting for all these years and this will be the fulfillment of all the longings and desires of your heart! You will see miracles of lives and relationships restored by the power of My encompassing love! You will see joy and laughter where there has been pain and sorrow! You will see the dawning of a new and brighter day, as you continue to seek  Me early and you find Me to be your Strength and your Redeemer. I love you.

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