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Welcome to “Healing Broken Hearts”!

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It’s no accident that YOU are here. Everything happens for a reason! Everything! There is no such a thing as a coincidence. God has brought you here on this page to help you experience the healing of YOUR broken heart!

Think about it for a moment, isn’t your heart broken for something that happened to you? Don’t you keep on feeling hurt whenever you think of a certain past event that doesn’t let you rest? Aren’t there some memories that really make you suffer every time that your mind relives them again?

Whatever the “cause” of this pain, please know that God loves you and He has brought you here to heal your heart from the wounds of the past!

“Healing Broken Hearts” often organizes GROUP WEBINARS (Online Seminars) with valuable contents for the healing of your heart. These are usually INTERACTIVE and each event has special guests who tell us their story of how God has healed their hearts from the wounds of the past and changed their lives. Every testimony is followed by a reflection on God’s Word on how to achieve the healing of your broken heart, and an outline of steps to take in order to move on to better lives.

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