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Webinar: God’s Vision for renewing your mind!

26 July 2010 One Comment

Last week, in my article titled “WFJ: Speak My Words of life!“, I announced the I had been invited to be a guest speaker at an important Webinar, that will be the first of a 12-Week, 24-Webinar series called “VISIONS777: Casting God’s Visions for the Next Decade.” (see: http://visions777.com/ ) – This will be one of the most important webinar series to date to advance the Kingdom of God!

Do you want to live YOUR life with PASSION, PURPOSE, CLARITY, and FOCUS?

If so, I would like to invite you to join this unique and free webinar series. (Click here to visit the VISIONS777 web page.) After watching the 6 minute, consider registering TODAY.

Even if you aren’t available to participate in the live webinars, by registering you will receive FREE access to the recordings up to 3 days following each webinar.

Come experience the excitement of our vibrant, online, world-wide community (TRIBE) that is changing lives to disciple nations. If you want to learn to Experience God in Extraordinary Ways for Extraordinary Fruit, then this webinar series is for you.

Title: God’s Vision For Renewing Your Mind
Series: VISIONS777: “Casting God’s Visions for the Next Decade”
Facilitator: Holy Spirit
Speakers: Janet Daughtry, Renato Amato
Panelists: Dr. Joseph Peck, Dr. Bruce Cook, Carrie C. Stone
Date: Tuesday July 27, 2010
Start Time: 2 pm EDT, 1 pm CST, Noon MST, 11 am PST, 7 pm BST, 8 pm CEST (Italy)
Duration: 90 minutes
Cost: Free webinar

CLICK HERE to register for this life-changing, world-changing webinar!

You are what you think you are! 

”For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7)

Janet Daughtry and her husband Daryl, are co-founders of the Life Breakthrough Coaching Academy and the Biblical Coaching Alliance. Known as the “Coach’s Coach” by her colleagues, Janet ’s heartbeat is to train and equip coaches and leaders around the globe to empower others to experience breakthroughs in life. Whether it is working with women as a life coach, a motivational speaker or coach trainer, her passion is to call people out of their limited thinking into their God-sized purpose and destiny.

7 questions Janet will address

  1. Why is what we think about so important?
  2. It has been said that the real battlefield is in our minds. What do you think about that?
  3. Where do our personal beliefs come from?
  4. Let’s say you have a person that really struggles with a lot of self doubt or negative thinking, how would you begin to coach them?
  5. What are some of the life lies that people believe?
  6. This can sound a bit New Age. How do you respond when someone says that to you?
  7. What are some of the beginning steps we need to take to begin to walk in freedom?

Renato Amato and his wife Patrizia are co-founders of the International Healing Broken Hearts Ministry, reaching out of Italy to bring healing to the nations. With over 35 years of missionary experience in 15 different countries, Renato and Patrizia have a passion to restore and make whole those who have been broken by the adversities and difficulties of life, no matter what culture or language they speak. Renato is a Bible teacher and an advocate of two-way journaling, inspiring people in all over the world with the healing Words From Jesus that he is regularly posting in his blog. He is also a Christian Life Coach, taking people from a painful to a joyful life and on to the fulfillment of their God given destiny, and has recently come alongside Janet and Daryl Daughtry to train and equip European Christian leaders with the coaching skills that he has learned from the Life Breakthrough Coaching Academy.

7 questions Renato will address

  1. Anything you would like to add about the renewing of our mind?
  2. What role do our thoughts and emotions have on our views of life?
  3. How is the renewing of our mind linked with the healing of our heart?
  4. What does the Bible actually say about the “heart”?
  5. How does two-way journaling helps to renew our mind and heal our heart?
  6. What are the steps that we can take to receive the healing of our hearts?
  7. How does all this fit in “Casting God’s Visions for the Next Decade”?

Seating capacity for the live webinar is limited to the first 1,000 people who register and log into the live event. Even if you are not able to participate in the live event, by registering you will receive a link to watch the recorded webinar for free.

CLICK HERE to register for this life-changing, world-changing webinar!

Our hearts and prayers go out to you, and we do hope that you will be able to listen to participate and listen to this webinar.


Renato and Patrizia Amato
For more Webinars, CLICK HERE: https://renatoamato.com/en/webinars/

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  • Bertha Hinson said:

    Renato, I have just completed listening to the webinar with you, Janet, Carrie and Bruce, where your closing remarks leaped out with a SHOUT in the spirit when you said,”There has been a shift in the Spirit”. God is out of the box and into every area of our lives, not just the religious!
    It is obvious that the Holy Spirit of God has been invading our culture so that partiality in any form can not remain, but that the flavor and blend of what He created us to be in Him is being experienced.

    Thank you for such an enjoyable discussion.
    Bertha Hinson´s last blog post ..WFJ- VOICE OF GOD -RESONAT GLORY!