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Ever since the beginning of time God has set apart a weekly day of rest for His children, so they could rest from their daily labors and dedicate themselves to prayer and reflection. It’s not healthy for your mind and spirit to keep on going without ever stopping to reflect on your life, your choices, your human relationship with people that you interact with, your values and beliefs … I mean, years go by very fast and life will rapidly pass away if we don’t stop, once in awhile, to catch its meaning and appreciate its value.

On this page you will find a list of our own reflections, taken out of the weekly messages that we send to our friends every Sunday morning, offering meditations which are useful for everyone’s growth. It’s not our intention here to be preaching or exhorting anyone, but we just want to share our own reflections that we believe are inspired by God to encourage us and help us find a happy balance in our life. God willing, every Sunday we’ll try to add here below the title of a new reflection that you can read simply by clicking on it.

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Remember, you destiny is not reached through the things that you’re doing, but through the things that you’re learning from life, if you stop to reflect upon them and write the outcome of that reflection in your journal. Happy reflecting!