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WFJ: Share My love with others!

12 February 2010 One Comment

You don’t need all the answers! All you need is My love! If you love them with My love, they will know that you have been with Me, and “that you are one of My disciples” (John 13:35), and they will trust you! “My sheep will hear My voice and they will follow Me” (John 10:27), but “a stranger they will not follow” (John 10:5), for they know that he is there only to take advantage of them, while “the good shepherd gives his life for the sheep” (John 10.11), and he’s there only for them! That’s what people need to see in you, your sincere love and care for them, as a sample of My love and My care!

Most people in the world are seeking for love, for true love, a love that will understand them and will be there to encourage them and tell them that “it’s ok”, they don’t have to be afraid, they don’t have to worry, they don’t have to be alone, for I’m there with them and “I will never leave them nor forsake them” (Hebrews 13:5)!

Will you be there to show them My love? Will you be a sample of My love to those around you? There are millions of poor lonely people out there in the world today, who are seeking for love, for someone who truly cares for them, but they cannot find it, for they are looking in the wrong places! Only those who are filled with My Spirit of love are able to show them My love, yet there are so few amongst My children who truly care to get out of themselves, and of “what it’s in it for them”, to show My love to those around!

This is a call to all of those who know My Name: “You already have My love, now share it with others! Just give them My love! You don’t need years of studies, certifications, degrees or ordinations, to show them My love. All you need is Me! Do you have Me? Then share Me with the world! The world needs Me, and you must share Me with them before it’s too late! For some it will be too late, for they have given their lives to the wrong things, and are now enslaved in their tunnels of dope and despair, while losing their lives! What a shame, what a waste, when there are millions of My people sitting at ease in Zion! Please, My children, get out of your comfort zone and step out of your boundaries to reach out to others with My love! The world is waiting for someone to show them My love!

Will you be My love for them? Will you show them My love in a tangible way? Not only with words, but with true deeds of love? I’m waiting for you to get out and reach out and bear fruit for My Kingdom! Only one life, it will soon be past, and only what you have done for Me (and the lost) will last! I love you!

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  • Nancy Slocum said:

    Thanks Renato! What a much needed and inspiring word from our good God! He made it so simple and clear for us to understand. In a way only He can do, He got His point across about how critical it is for us to SHOW the world His love without being critical of us. The need is so great. Thank you for your sensitivity to take the time to listen and for your obedience to share God’s love and His heartcry.

    Blessings and favor as you continue in your love and faithfulness to our dear Lord and Savior!