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SC: the symptoms of a broken heart

6 April 2010 4 Comments

We recently started to write articles on the healing of the broken heart, to reflect upon and learn how to take proper care of our soul, by addressing the causes of our emotional wounds that often prevent us from living in line with our deepest values.

If we would take a poll, asking: “What’s your most important value in life?”, I’m sure that most people would answer that it’s LOVE! … mostly meaning love for their loved ones.

The responses would most probably come in various forms, since we each have our own personal view of how we see love in our mind, whether we picture it in our family, or lover, or life partner, or children, or parents, or friends, or neighbors, or pets, or God, but always boiling it down to this unique and important value that we call: LOVE!

However, if we would ask for an honest answer to find out how many of us think that we are capable of loving others with real unconditional love, and with no expectations in return, I’m quite certain that very few of us really know how to love that way! Why is it?

Again, the responses would vary: some would try to justify it by saying that we humans are too fallible in our nature, and therefore incapable of living according to our true ideals, while others would say that we are too preoccupied with our daily problems to think about others, and so on … but the Word of God tells us that Jesus has called us to love that way, when He said to: “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:39)! In other words, “all things you would that men should do to you, do you even so to them” (Matthew 7:12)!

So, if Jesus asked us to love that way, although He was aware of our human fallible nature and daily preoccupations, then He must have also known that somehow we have access to that type of love. Therefore there are no excuses, we just need to identify what prevents us from it, so that we can find a remedy and solution to the problem.

In both of our previous articles on this very same issue, “The healing of the heart” and “The healing of the soul“, we established that most of us have some deep wounds in our hearts that are preventing us from being able to love unconditionally, and that we therefore need some type of a inner healing, what we called:

The Healing of a Broken Heart!

Question: How do we recognize the symptoms of a broken heart?

When our body is ill, it manifests symptoms, such as fever, pain, fatigue, cough, vomiting, etc., and these lead us to visit a specialist who, through appropriate medical examinations, will try to understand the cause and take care of the problem.

When our soul is ill, it also manifests symptoms, such as unhappiness, sadness, anxiety, frustration, disappointment, anger, resentment, bitterness, depression, fear, emptiness, feelings of worthlessness, etc. Unfortunately, most times we don’t turn to a specialist who can understand the cause and take care of the problem, but we tend to blame other people or circumstances as being responsible for our condition. This can only make the situation worse, because it quite wrongly make us feel like “victims” of injustices.

These symptoms and attitudes became part of the human nature at the very beginning of history, when the soul of man began to fall sick, after partaking of the fruit of disobedience. In the third chapter of the book of Genesis in the Bible, we can see that the human heart began to immediately manifest the following symptoms:

  • Fear (expecting to be punished);
  • Shame (covering themselves with fig leaves);
  • Insecurity (not feeling protected, but fearing the presence of God);
  • Sense of guilt (feeling condemned, but trying to justify themselves before God);
  • Sense of nullity (feeling like failures with no longer value in God’s eyes);
  • Sense of inferiority (for missing the original plan of God for their lives);
  • Sense of rejection (being driven out of the presence of God);
  • Sense of unworthiness (not deserving the love of their Creator any longer).
  • Disdain for themselves (for having failed).

These are the symptoms of a broken heart that our human nature has inherited from our ancestors, as “that which is born of the flesh is flesh” (John 3:6), and we carry in our inner selves these tendencies known as “emotional wounds”. We all come into this earthly life with these imprints in our soul, and if they are not treated throughout our childhood, they will develop into unhealthy influences that will effect our adult life and relationship with others.

Our soul came into this world with a great need to feel loved, understood and accepted for what we are, and when it cannot find it, then we are starving for a:

  • Need of acceptance, to feel loved and cherished for what we are;
  • Need of self worth, to feel important and capable of making a difference;
  • Need of security, to feel confident in tackling and fulfilling our destiny.

In the coming days we will learn how to recognize these symptoms of a broken heart in our lives, and how to receive a personal diagnosis and treatment for our inner wellness from our “Soul Doctor” and Specialist. Do not miss it, therefore, but come back to regularly visit this site, because you will find here the new updates that will help you in the process of:

Healing your broken heart!

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