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REF: Two perceptions, two realities!

21 December 2009 6 Comments

After being away for almost three weeks, visiting friends in Canton Ticino (Italian speaking area of Switzerland), we are finally back home, after driving a whole day through highways and mountains filled with snow. We’re tired but happy to have it made it safely home.

I must confess that in the morning I was hesitating from starting on the 600 km drive back home, because of the news of the traffic being blocked on parts of the highways, due to the ice that was forming on the pavement and causing accidents. This led me to seek the Lord about it and I thank Him for His faithful reassurance of protection that helps us travel on the journey of life with faith and trust, as so often it’s only fear that hinders us from moving on.

As I drove through the mountain passes, I couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty of creation, with the splendor of the white snow covering the scenario all around me, and I realized that I had two perceptions of two realities before me: one was the splendor of God’s creation and His wonderful masterwork in sending the snow to prepare the ground for the coming seasons of flourishing and harvesting, the other was the danger of the forming ice on the pavement of the road that could have caused accidents for the cars driving on it.

Two perceptions, two realities; both real, both needed for our survival. What makes the difference is the way we react to what we perceive our realities to be. We certainly cannot change the weather and stop the snow from falling, for that’s needed in the natural cycle of God’s creation to gives us life, and it’s wonderful to enjoy the sight of the fields covered with white snow that hides every stain and imperfection (Isaiah 1:8). That’s the perception of a reality that fills us with praise and gratitude in seeing the beauty and wonder of what God has created for our good and for the joy of His children.

Life, however, is not a road without obstacles to overcome, for the snow that God has sent for our good, as a picture of His mercy that washes all our sins away (Psalms 51:7), is the same that causes dangers and threats to those of us who are frantically running to meet our fate! It’s the perception of this reality that causes us to pull the breaks and slow down in our race, but how do we see it? As a blessing that God has sent to help us be cautious and wise in the way that we run and administrate our lives, or as a curse that is hindering us from carrying forth our own purposes and dealines?

God has given us both perceptions: the acknowledgement of the need and beauty of what He sents for our good, and the needed cautiousness to face and handle potential dangers by slowing down and moving in God’s speed, which is much slower than ours! He is never in a hurry, but He moves perfectly on time in everything He does! Can we learn from Him?

In a few days it will be Christmas, and we each face two perceptions, two realities. For some it’s a frantic race to seize business opportunities or run to the department stores for shopping discounts; for others, it’s an opportunity to slow down and contemplate the beauty of that light in the manger scene, with all that it entails for each one of us in this world!

luce nel presepe

Two perceptions, two realities! What do you see at Christmas? A festivity that requires you to frantically run to the shopping malls and buy what you need for the Christmas party, which does not leave you room to contemplate the meaning of that manger scene? Or an opportunity to slow down and meditate on what Christmas truly means for each one of us Christians. Again, our “reality” depends on our perception of it!

“The angel said: Fear not! Behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.” (Luke 2:10)

We pray that, as you prepare for this Christmas, you will slow down long enough to be able to enjoy it the way that God intended for us to live it.

Renato and Patrizia

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  • Jerry Graham said:

    Great perspective, Renato! As we prepare to leave day after tomorrow for our 500+ mile trek into the mountains of Pennsylvania (land of ice and snow), your post is very timely. And then the extension of the same logic into the Christmas holiday is perfect. Blessings to your and Patrizia for the holidays and the coming year.
    Jerry & Sharon

  • Renato Amato (author) said:

    Blessings to you, Jerry and Sharon! Have a great time, and enjoy the sight! My prayers will be with you, and I wish you both a very special Merry Christmas Celebration, as you take the time to gaze in His light!
    Joy to the world, the Lord has come! “Glory to God in the highest, and peace on earth to men of good will” like you both.

  • Randy Peck said:

    Thank you Renato for sharing this story and your thoughts about two perceptions/realities. Thank you for the reminder that Christmas is an opportunity to slow down and meditate on what Christmas truly means for each one of us Christians. Blessings, Randy

  • Lynne Lee Christian Life Coach said:

    “often it’s only fear that hinders us from moving on”

    Thank you for sharing 2 perceptions, it’s certainly true that ” What makes the difference is the way we react to what we perceive our realities to be.”

    I’m slowing down Renato and it feels good :)

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