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REF: The value of a smile from Haiti!

25 January 2010 2 Comments

This has been a particular and special week for those of us who have been watching and following the events in Haiti, and we just can’t stop thanking and praising God for the many miracles of lives rescued alive, even after 10 or more days under the rubble that has terribly hit that nation! The whole world has been watching those who came out alive from under the rubble and screamed: “Thank You Jesus!”

This was the fulfillment of a promise that the Lord had spoken to us on January 15, 2010, in the following Words From Jesus: “WFJ: Pray for My children in Haiti!

“As absurd and difficult it can be to understand how can something that horrible happen to the poor, please be assured that My Father “is love” (1 John 4:8) and that, even in this time of trials and distress, I am “near to them that call on Me (Psalms 145:18) and deliver those who call My name! In this very moment there are many manifestations of My presence with those who are My children in Haiti, and the whole world will hear about it!”

Last Sunday (January 17, 2010), Patrizia and I hosted a Webinar for our Italian friends here in Italy, “Una svolta per la vita!” (“A breakthrough for your life!”), to pray for the New Year ahead of us, and we had a very special guest, Rocco, who called in from Haiti to give us incredible online updates of what was happening there that very day!

Rocco has been a friend of ours for many years, and participated with his family in some of our “New Year’s Eve Candlelight” events in the past, but last year he moved his whole family to the Dominican Republic because he’s the Chief Engineer of an Italian Company that has been building roads in Haiti. When the recent earthquake hit Haiti, Rocco called us on Skype to explain the situation and we were able to pray together with him and that God would use him in extraordinary ways to bring God’s love to the Haitian people…

Needless to say, the Lord immediately answered that prayer and he was contacted by the official Italian Authorities to help coordinate the arrival of the  many rescue teams, doctors and nurses, coming from Italy. He has since appeared a number of times on the Italian TV Newscasts, alongside the main Italian authorities involved in the Rescue Mission.

Yesterday, January 23, 2010, Rocco wrote a prayer in our private Facebook page, which I translated in English here as follow:

“My dear Jesus, today we spent many hours together, more than I ever did before. Today we didn’t meet in the places where I usually like to find you: in my beloved mountains, in the notes of Mozart or the smiles of my daughters. Today You decided where we should meet: in the pain and need of my Haitian brethren, in their broken and mutilated bodies, in their empty looks, in their desperation and cries of sorrow … it was hard, a tough test to pass, but I was able to recognize You, at least I think so! I didn’t hide myself, I didn’t turn the other way, but I put on the red nose and large hat of a clown and walked among those little ones, Your beloved children who are so close and dear to You in their pain, and there I was able to see You … It was enough to see a smile and a kiss blown to me by a little hand, to thank me for … 3 little candies! Only 3 little candies, Jesus! What value can these ever have? An immeasurable value that I will carry forever in my heart, for that smile was Your smile, and that kiss was Your kiss! Thank You, Jesus.”

Thank you, Rocco, for that beautiful prayer of gratitude! You were able to put into words the “immeasurable value” that I will forever carry in my heart too, because I saw many smiles and I was blown many kisses during the years of missionary life that I spent in developing countries that were constantly hit by calamities! And it’s there that I saw Jesus! Not in the wealth and material riches of this world, but in the smiles and happy faces of those who seemed to have lost everything, but still had faith in a God who took care of them through the storm that had hit them and gave them strength to live for another day!

Jesus is walking with those who trust in Him and carries them in His arms!

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P.S.: I just saw that my friend from Virginia, Dr. Randy Peck, will be holding a Webinar to help share God’s love with the people of Haiti on Monday, January 25, 2010, 3 pm EST! Please read: “Haiti: Sharing God’s love in response to the devastating earthquake