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WFJ: My love is unconditional

29 June 2009 One Comment

Fear not, My dear one, for I love you with a love that is endless. Nothing that you can do or say will change My love or cause Me to withdraw or withhold My love from you. When you fall and make mistakes and do the wrong thing and disappoint yourself and others, when you follow far off, when you doubt My Word, when you do not reverence Me or have the love that you should have, when you think negatively and get discouraged, all these things do not cause Me to love you any less.

Your failures and problems and weaknesses do not lessen My love for you. They cause Me to weep for you, but I continue loving you just the same.

You can never be too bad for Me. Nothing you do or say or think could ever be so bad that it would cause Me to love you less. I do not put conditions on My love, saying you must be this way or you must be that way in order to receive My love. I give My love to you unconditionally. I promise you that no matter what, come what may, you will have My love in great abundance.

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