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Live your life with a purpose!

4 July 2013 One Comment

A Life with a Purpose is what we offer at RenatoAmato.com, our International Ministry that is totally committed to making this a better world, starting with your heart …your life …your family …your friends …your community …your nation …your world!

life purposeIt’s no accident that you are here! Everything happens for a reason and, whether you got here through a search engine, a link from another website or received by email, you are here because you are meant to be here!

If you look through this website, you will discover that your life has a purpose and meaning that can fill your heart with joy and change it for the better, so you can make a difference in this world and fulfill your life dreams!

You might be thinking: “How can that be? My dreams are way out of my reach”! Well, there’s a famous saying: “To achieve all that is possible in life, we must attempt the impossible. And to be as much as we can be, we must dream of being more.”

Victory_coachingHave you dreamed of being more, or doing more with your life, and to make a significant difference in this world? …If so, you are in the right place! Our mission is to help you climb up to the next level where you can live your very best life!

Imagine of being there at your destination, where you wish to be! Can you see it? Envisioning your ideal life to see what it looks like is half the battle won! Once you decide that you want to live your best life, you have to figure out a way to get there and you might be wondering “where” and “how” to get started…

What you need is a road map or a life coach who is willing to climb up there alongside you. That’s what we can provide for you! As Christian Life Coaches, we can help you assess where you presently are in life, as well as where you ideally wish to be, and we can help you discover some smart steps that will get you there by overcoming the obstacles and moving into the fullness of a joyful life with a purpose!

We have various services that can help you along that path (click those that fit you most):

healingheartsHealing Broken Hearts is for those who have been hurt by the hardships of life and are nursing wounds from the past, but want to move forward to a happier season of it with the help of experts who can coach them on a path to victory! This process is not based on psychotherapy or counseling, but on your personal will to leave the past behind and move to a better future. You can experience the healing of your broken heart through simple steps that will help you move from painful to joyful living.

Note: The “heart” here is defined as the inner core of your being, where you are processing your thoughts and emotions and exercising your will, by making decisions that decide the course of your life! What makes your decisions good or bad is the outcome, because “a tree is known by its fruit”. Every choice is made in your heart, but it has a direct impact on your life and on the world around you, because “whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap”!

teaching1Faith Foundations provides you a solid ground on which to build your life, by replacing the limiting beliefs that hinder your progress and advance in life with strong values of faith that will help you overcome the winds of adversity and fulfill your life purpose. Just as every invention was carefully assembled in each of its parts for a specific purpose, our life has a unique purpose that can be discovered by looking into the manual of instructions which was made available to us: the Bible.

journal2Spiritual Journaling will radically change your life and enhance it for the better, as you write down your thoughts and connect your heart with that of your Creator, bringing clarity into your mind! As you journal about the issues that concern you, these will be processed by releasing the emotions involved and engaging both hemispheres of your brain in a dialogue that allows you to “Ask, Answer and Discuss” what happened and store it in the archives of your heart in a way that helps you move forward.

Biblical Coaching_small2Christian Life Coaching will help you experience a genuine transformation of your thinking, by clearly defining your vision and piecing together practical and sustainable strategies to live your best life and fulfill your life purpose. As you overcome the obstacles and barriers that you have imposed on yourself, it will help you move forward in the pursuit of your goals and change your life for the better, as you bridge the gap and step up from where you presently are to where you want to be.

CurriculuumLife Coach Training will equip you with the skills and ability to help people experience breakthroughs in life and it will give you the certification you need to do it professionally. As you learn to actively listen to their heart and to ask them powerful questions that will help them stretch their thinking in a discovery process, you will see their lives transformed from within and taking bold steps towards the fulfillment of their destiny. It will empower you to make a difference in the world around you.

Our hope is that we can a blessing to you, as you explore this website and find what you need to be able to live a better life and contribute to make a better world! Remember our motto:

“To make a better world, you need to start with your life. To have a better life, you have to start with your heart. If your heart is changed, your life will be better. If your life is changed, the world will be a better place”!

Don’t hesitate to contact us today! We’re happy to help you live your life with a purpose!

Renato and Patrizia Amato

Coaching & Training

Email: email@renatoamato.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/renatoamato


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  • Aras Androck said:

    My purpose has always been the same thing: to live a life well-lived.