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Listen to Webinar: “God’s Vision for Renewing your mind”.

31 July 2010 2 Comments

Last Tuesday (July 27, 2010), I  was interviewed in a 12-Week, 24-Webinar series, called “VISIONS777: Casting God’s Visions for the Next Decade” ( http://visions777.com/ ). It was a fantastic event, hosted by wonderful Godly people, and my friend Janet Daughtry did a powerful presentation on “The renewing of your mind“, followed by my presentation on “The healing of your heart“!

The audio replay of “God’s Vision For Renewing Your Mind“, with Janet Daughtry and Renato Amato, can be found online at:  http://www.visions777.com/webinars/01

Janet addressed issues such as …

1. Why what we think is so important
2. Where are personal beliefs come from
3. How to coach someone who really struggles with a lot of self doubt or negative thinking
4. Some of the more common lies that people believe
5. Beginning steps to take to begin to walk in freedom

Renato continued the discussion by addressing:

1. The role our thoughts and emotions play in our views of life
2. How renewing of our mind is linked with the healing of our heart
3. What the Bible actually say about the “heart”
4. How two-way journaling helps to renew our mind and heal our heart
5. Steps we can take to receive the healing of our hearts
6. How this all fits in “Casting God’s Visions for the Next Decade”

There’s much more in this value-packed webinar, and you can still listen to it, but you’ve only got 72 hours to check it out at: http://visions777.com/speakers/renato/

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I’m very excited about this course, as I know that it will take you from a painful to a joyful life and on to the fulfillment of your destiny, and I look forward to have you there.

May you experience God’s abundant blessings in your life.

Renato Amato

Life Breakthrough Coach Trainer
– Strengthening Christian Leaders with Coaching Skills!

Healing Broken Hearts
– Helping those who are bruised find wholeness of body, soul and spirit!