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Life Coach Training

Are you thinking of becoming a Certified Professional Life Coach?
Have you considered a Life Coaching profession from a Biblical perspective?

Are you a spiritual leader, pastor, counselor, mentor, missionary or simply an active Christian interested in adding Biblical Life Coaching skills to your existing ministry?

Do you have a heart and a passion to help other people experience genuine growth and advances in their thinking, values and life purpose?


In only 10 weeks, and from anywhere in the world, you can receive online professional training as a:

Certified Biblical Life Coach
or Certified Life Breakthrough Coach

Our Online Life Breakthrough Coach Training is structured to facilitate the professional training and certification of Christian Coaches all over the world, by allowing you to access our Weekly Lessons through a simple internet connection, or telephone line!

– 10 Weeks of Online Coach Training via Web with a Life Coach Instructor
– Access to Power Point presentations, Audios, Worksheets, and Assessments
– The Opportunity to be Coached and Practice Coaching with a Buddy Coach
Certification as a Biblical Life Coach™ or Life Breakthrough Coach
– Access to Practice Building and Marketing Materials to Get You Started
– Lifetime Membership in the Biblical Coaching Alliance™ Coaches Network

– A Program that is Highly Affordable, Highly Practical, and Highly Biblical
– Solid Principles of Coaching around Values, Purpose and Renewed Thinking
– Online Training as a Professional Life Coach from a Biblical Perspective
– Ongoing Communication, Training and Support After You Complete the Program

– You will become a Certified Professional Life Coach in only 10 weeks!
– You won’t need thousands of dollars to get some of the best training available!
– The entire cost of our Life Coach Training is one of the cheapest you can find!
– You can pay in full or with 3 monthly installment payments.

You will not find anything more affordable, so CLICK HERE to sign up today!

Course Curriculum

The Certified Life Breakthrough Coach™ Training Curriculum is designed to teach the core competencies of coaching and show you powerful tools and methods to help people achieve personal breakthroughs in life, such as: Understanding Personal Identity, Living a Values-Driven Life, Discovering Life Purpose, Getting Past Barriers, Mindset Coaching, Power of Decisions, Choice Process, Strategic Action Steps, etc.

CLICK HERE for a comprehensive List of Topics covered in the Course Curriculum

Course Features

Through this Online Training you will receive 10 weeks of quality Coach Training and will be able to attend our classes via Web Conference (or a phone line), so you don’t have to travel, but can participate from anywhere in the world, interact with other students during the course, and practice the skills of coaching with a “buddy” during the week.

Attention! Group Space is limited, so don’t delay, CLICK HERE to sign up today!


Life Breakthrough Coach Trainers

This Group Training is run by Renato and Patrizia Amato, Certified Life Coach Instructors who are endorsed to train new Christian Life Coaches by Daryl and Janet Daughtry, co-founders of the Life Breakthrough Coach Academy and leaders of the Biblical Coaching Alliance.

“Renato and Patrizia add to the coaching program 36 years of missionary experience, pastoral care and discipleship training in many countries of the world, which has equipped them with the outstanding capability of relating to people of various languages and cultures. Their intimate relationship with God and knowledge of His Word, added to their professional training and experience in coaching skills, makes them Coach Instructors who are well able to equip Christian Leaders with the needed expertise that will guarantee their success.”


You will become a Certified Professional Life Coach in only 3 months!
– You won’t have to pay thousands of dollars to get some of the best training available!
– You can pay in full or with 3 monthly installment payments!

You won’t find anything more affordable and class space is limited, so don’t delay …

CLICK HERE to sign up TODAY!

We look forward to work with you towards attaining Life Coaching skills and understanding.

Renato and Patrizia Amato

Biblical Life Coach Trainers


Write us for details at: renato.coachtrainer@gmail.com



From students taking the course:

Dear Renato and Patrizia,

Thank you very much for this exellent Life -Breakthrough- Training-Course. I did a lot of studies, researches and trainings in my Life! THIS is exceptional! Here I experience Jesus` Love and commitment for a better world, for people be healed, to support them to find their way in more freedom. Thank you so much. May the Lord bless you abundantly evermore.

Dr. Sybilla Matzenauer

Zurich, Switzerland


Thank you Renato for the good job as an instructor. I must say that I really enjoyed this course and that it’s a very valuable tool for me. Previous to this course I took a secular Life Coach course that helped me grasp a bit of the principles of coaching, but I must say that Christian Life Coaching is much more in line with my way of thinking as a Christian, and that here I learned much more. Also the clarity of the lessons imparted was very good.

Thanks again Renato, for making this course available to us!

Gloria Cruz Troncho, Spain

Certified Life Coach



Dear Renato and Patrizia,

Being with you and all your other students in Biblical Life Breakthrough Coaching during this past year, I can personally attest that I have and continue to feel and know that I am in the presence of Jesus each step along the way. While I’ve been a coach for some time, experiencing coaching development in and with your course, nothing has touched me more deeply in listening to the hearts of others; knowing that we are seeking truth while learning how to help and encourage others in their life’s growth and purpose is empowering to say the least. For our shared relationship, I am eternally grateful.

Ben Stewart, US

Life/Leadership Coach

Fast Forward Coaching