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WFJ: Just be who you are!

18 November 2009 One Comment

My loves, you are My precious treasure and there’s nothing that will ever separate you from My love! There’s nothing that you can do, or not do, that will ever change your destiny, for it’s My design, planned even before you were born, and I will fulfill it in your lives, no matter what disillusion you might experience along the path.

There will always be some obstacles to overcome, for this is the walk of life, a path filled with obstacles to overcome! What matters is that you don’t let these discourage you, but that you learn to face them with faith and overcome them with My grace which is sufficient for you. You’re not alone in this world, for I’m with you always, and I will never leave you nor forsake you! Remember that I’m always right there by your side; you can call upon Me any time and I will answer you! I will whisper in your hearts what you must do, or must not do, and you must simply trust Me, that whatever I show you to do will bear fruit in My times.

Don’t worry about others’ reactions, but trust Me that I will take care of it and everything will fall in its place according to My plans. Simply trust Me, and rest in Me, for you are not alone in this fight! I’m with you always and I will not leave you nor forsake you! I know that you just want to reach out with My love, and do you think that I will leave you alone in this purpose? This is a desire that it’s much more in My heart that you can ever imagine, and I’m the One who has put it in your hearts! This is “not your work, but Mine, so trust Me and let Me perfect My plans and purposes for you!

The ministry of Healing Broken Hearts is something that I have put in your hearts, and I’m the One who connected you with those who are helping you with it. There might be matters of concern for some, but there are others who have the desire to help you touch lives with My love. “What is that to thee?” (John 21:22), just be who you are, what I have made you to be, and don’t try to imitate or measure up with others, for that’s not necessary! If anyone wants to help you reach out to the world, accept their help and learn from them, but don’t worry, I’m the One who has your lives, your hearts and your minds in My hands. I’m the One who’s leading each of your steps and telling you what to do, or not do!

I’m pleased that you published “Father’s love letter”, for it’s a message that I want you to share with the world. My love is something that I wish all of My children, both those lost and those found, to have a taste of, and I have anointed some of My children to put together that message of love that you can share with others, for it does not glorify men, it glorifies Me!

This is a key for you to recognize what’s worth your investment of time and energies … If a project or product is promoting My love for mankind, and ministering grace to the hearers, no matter “who” I might be using to put it together, that’s something that you can support without any hesitation. But if the project is used to only promote someone’s own personal interests, why would you waste your time and energies with it?

Through the ministry of Healing Broken Hearts I wish to touch the hearts of multitudes, and I will do it, not only through you as a individual, but through you as “a couple”, for you have been anointed by My love as a couple! It’s therefore important that you invest in your relationship, for we are a team, you, your wife and I, and it’s together that the three of us will build this ministry, “one heart at the time”!

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