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WFJ: It’s freedom that you need!

17 February 2010 No Comment

In My presence “there is fullness of joy” ¹ and laughter and love and peace, for these are the “fruits of the Spirit” ², and it’s My Spirit that you all need! The whole world needs My Spirit to experience the love and joy and peace that it yearns for! Without My Spirit there is no love, for “I am love” ³! I’m the Spirit of love that knocks at everyone‘s hearts and I only ask to find a place in your soul, and to lead and guide you to the truth!

¹ Psalm 16:11; ² Galatians 5:22; ³ 1John 4:8

“The truth will set you free” ¹! Free from anger, free from despair, free from fear, free from all the burdens of your soul! It’s freedom that you need, not a cage of rules and regulations that will only make you sad and desperate without My love! I’m a living God, not a religion! I’m a living Spirit that is “near to them who have a broken heart and a contrite spirit” ²!

¹ John 8:32; ² Psalm 34:18

Open your heart and let Me in! You will experience love and joy and happiness and freedom and all that your heart has been searching for! You don’t have to “wander from sea to sea, and run to and fro” ¹ to find what you are seeking for, because I’m right there where you are! I’m right there with you and, if you will let Me in, I will fill your soul with the goods of My Spirit! Heaven is knocking at your heart and asks only to come in! Will you open your heart to Me? Will you let Me in and give you what your heart has been searching for? You don’t have to keep wandering through the deserts of this world, when you can just open the door and experience My presence in your heart that will give meaning and purpose to your life!

¹ Amos 8:12

I can turn your whole world right side up, and make “all things work together for you good” ¹! I can give you shelter from all storms of life, if you’ll simply come and rest under My wings! It’s under My wings that you will find rest! Just like a chick finds rest under the wings of his mother hen that covers it with feathers and gives it shelter from the dangers of this world, you too can find refuge in My presence! You don’t have to fear any more, for “I’m with you always, even to end of the world” ²!

¹ Romans 8:28; ² Matthew 28:20

I love you with an everlasting love” ¹ and “nothing will ever separate you from My love” ² ! “Come unto Me and I will give you rest” ³!

¹ Jeremiah 31:3; ² Romans 8:39; ³ Matthew 11:28

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