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Healing Broken Hearts is My passion!

6 April 2011 2 Comments

(Prayer): Thank you, Father, for the time You spent with me this morning! Thank you that, as soon as I wake up, I find You watching over me, speaking to my heart and communing with me in Your Spirit! It’s wonderful for me to pour my heart out to You in the morning, for I know that You listen, and that all I ask You, You will supply it, for You have promised it and cannot deny yourself! Thank You Father, thank You Jesus, thank You Holy Spirit! I love You with all my heart, mind and soul! I love You and I desire to do Your will, so please speak to me and give me all the words of eternal life that I need. In Jesus’ Name, I ask. Amen.

(WFJ) My child, Healing Broken Hearts is My passion, and I have poured some of that passion in you! I say “some” of it, because you would not be able to bear the amount of empathy that I share with all My children that cry out to Me day and night from all over the world!

They are crying out with all kinds of questions that I long to answer, but I cannot answer them except through you, My children who are willing to be My body, My face, My tongue, My lips, My arms and My legs! You are the only real “body” that I have on earth to heal the broken hearts! Are you willing to be My “body” to heal the broken hearts?

Yes, it is true that you cannot heal the broken hearts on your own, as that’s really a work of My Spirit within them, but you can be a manifestation of My love to them, so that they know that I truly love them! If you can be that, a manifestation of My unconditional love to others, then I can mightily use you, and I can bring to your side all the laborers you need to fulfill this calling! Yes, it’s a calling! I’m calling you to be My face to the world that suffers!

I’m calling you to be My lips and to pour My words of eternal life into their hearts, for “the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit and life” (John 6:63), and they bring healing and life to the hungry and broken hearts!

Just let go, and let Me do it through you! All you have to do, to fulfill your calling in life, is to come unto Me each and every day to listen to the words that I speak to you, for they are given not only to you, but they are given so that you can share them with the world!

It’s time that you realize that you have come to the Kingdom for such time as this, and you cannot do it on your own! You need a team, you need others, and you especially need Me, the Author and Finisher of your faith. I have started a good work in you and I will complete it to the end, so that it will be fully equipped to heal the broken hearts and set the captive free! I love you!
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  • Nancy Slocum said:

    God bless you dear brother for feeding God’s sheep (the saved and the lost) through the love, compassion in action, and the words of life of our dear Lord and Savior Jesus! Your post was such a powerful reminder and confirmation for me today of my calling to be “a pen in God’s hand giving LOVE a voice.” The Lord was speaking to me this morning to “FEED MY SHEEP!” So thank you, Renato! Keep the hot bread from heaven coming!

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  • Janice F Baca said:

    What a wonderful article. My passion is also to heal the broken hearted. This article really spoke to me deeply. As the author of God’s Healing Plan, I hope to reach many to heal of their pains, hurts, and disappointments through Christ.

    May you be blessed for writing this article.
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