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8 June 2012 No Comment

A few years ago I went through a tough time of transition in life. After 35 years of full time missionary ministry, travelling around the world and living with my family in 15 different countries to reach people of various cultures, I suffered some serious heart issues which forced me to a more paced lifestyle. At that time I wondered what could I do next with my life to continue to serve the Lord and reach out to others to change lives for the better!

That’s when I considered becoming a Life Coach and enrolled in a International Coaches Institute to learn coaching skills and obtain Certification as a Professional Life Coach! That was not too difficult for me, since I already had a passionate heart to help people experience genuine personal growth in their life.

However, although I had been trained by some top coaches, I still felt there was something missing, as I firmly believe that you cannot find true purpose and fulfillment in life without a personal relationship with God. That’s when I decided to seek for Coach Training that would have a Biblical foundation and, thank the Lord, I found the Life Breakthrough Academy!

There I felt “at home”, with other Spirit-filled Christians, and not only I received training as a Life Breakthrough Coach, but I also became a Master Coach Trainer, which enabled me to successfully equip scores of new Christian Life Coaches from all over the world!


Dear Renato;
I want to thank you for your excellence as a Christian coach trainer!
Through my years of experience as a coach and minister, very few have impacted my career such as you. Your wisdom has catapulted my coaching ministry! It’s people like you who encourage me to push beyond my believed limits, and excel on the wings of Christ.

Janice Baca, RN, BSN, LBC  (U.S.A.),
Author, Speaker, and Destiny Coach

Dear Renato and Patrizia,
Thank you very much for this exellent Life Breakthrough Coach Training. I have done a lot of studies, researches and trainings in my Life! THIS is exceptional! Here I experience Jesus` Love and commitment for a better world, for people be healed, to support them to find their way in more freedom. Thank you so much. May the Lord bless you abundantly evermore.

Dr. Sybilla Matzenauer
Certified Life Coach
(Zurich, Switzerland)

Thank you, Renato, for the good job as an instructor. I must say that I really enjoyed this course and that it’s a very valuable tool for me. Previous to this course I took a secular Life Coach course that helped me grasp a bit of the principles of coaching, but I must say that Christian Life Coaching is much more in line with my way of thinking as a Christian, and that here I learned much more. Also the clarity of the lessons imparted was very good.
Thanks again Renato, for making this course available to us!

Gloria Cruz Troncho (Spain),
Certified Life Coach

Dear Renato and Patrizia,
Having been in your Biblical Life Breakthrough Coach Training this past year, I can personally attest that I am in the presence of Jesus each step along the way. While I’ve been a coach for some time, experiencing coaching development in other courses, nothing touched me more deeply than your listening to the hearts of others. Knowing that we are seeking truth, while learning how to help and encourage others in their life’s growth and purpose, is empowering to say the least. For our shared relationship, I am eternally grateful.

Ben Stewart
Life & Leadership Coach

“Gusto, passion, zeal, zest – in short: enthusiasm! That’s what I think of my coach training administered by Renato. He taught me the fundamentals of life coaching and I appreciated his encouragement for my abilities and his support toward my course progression. I also admired his curricular know-how and technical skills enabling me to attend a team of multi-cultural students from the Gulf of Mexico to the Black Sea. Your training enriched my life, Renato. I intent to enrich the life of others building on the zest you imparted. Thank you!”

Dorothea Rudolph,
LB Coach,
(Munich, Germany),

Are you also thinking of becoming a Certified Professional Life Coach?
Have you considered a Life Coaching profession from a Biblical perspective?
Are you a Christian leader and want to add Biblical Coaching skills to your ministry?


In 10 weeks, from the comfort of home, you can receive Online Professional Training:

– Certified Biblical Life Coach
– Life Breakthrough Coach

Our Online Biblical Coach Training facilitates the professional training and certification of Christian Life Coaches,  through a simple online connection or just a telephone line!

No matter where you live in the world, through our Online Conferences you will be able to receive 10 weeks of quality Coach Training by attending weekly live classes, interacting with trainer and students, and practicing coaching skills with “buddies” during each week.

Our next Group Training starts this month: June 2012!
Group Space is limited, so don’t delay, CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP NOW!

10 Weeks of Online Coach Training via Web with a Master Coach Trainer
– Access to Extremely Helpful Audios, Worksheets, and Assessments
– Opportunity to be Coached and Practice Coaching with a Buddy Coach
– Access to Practice Building and Marketing Materials to Get You Started
Certification as a Biblical Life Coach™ or Life Breakthrough Coach
– Lifetime Membership in the Biblical Coaching Alliance Network

– You will become a Certified Professional Life Coach in only 10 weeks!
– The total cost of the Group Coach Training is one of the cheapest you can find!
– You can pay with one payment or three monthly payments.

You will not find anything more affordable, so CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP NOW!


This Online Coach Training is run by Renato and Patrizia Amato, Master Coach Trainers who are endorsed to train Christian Life Coaches by Daryl and Janet Daughtry, founders and leaders of the Life Breakthrough Coach Academy and Biblical Coaching Alliance.
This is what Daryl and Janet have to say about Renato and Patrizia:

“Renato and Patrizia add to the coaching program their 36 years of missionary experience, pastoral care and discipleship training in many countries of the world, which has equipped them with outstanding capabilities of relating to people of various cultures. Their intimate relationship with God and knowledge of His Word, added to their professional training and experience in coaching, makes them Coach Trainers who can equip Christian Leaders with the needed expertise that will guarantee their success.”


You will become a Certified Life Coach in only 10 weeks!
– You won’t spend thousands of dollars to become a Life Coach!
– You can pay in full or with 3 monthly installment payments!
– You won’t find anything more affordable!

– The course starts this month: June 2012, so …

Don’t delay! CLICK HERE to SIGN UP NOW!

We look forward to work with you towards attaining Life Coaching skills and understanding.

Renato and Patrizia Amato
Master Life Coach Trainers

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Web: http://biblicalcoachingonline.com
School: http://www.coursearea.com/europe/
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/renatoamato
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