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Christian Marriage Coach Training!

27 May 2014 No Comment

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Christian Marriage Coach Training


In Just 10 Weeks You Can Train To Help Couples Grow And Change By Becoming A Certified Marriage Coach Through “Live” Distance Learning With An Instructor!

Christian Marriage Coach Training is a more natural and effective way to help couples get focused and get moving forward in their relationships. Using active listening and powerful questioning, a Christian Marriage Coach can assist husbands and wives in gaining clarity about the present and forming a vision for their future.

What You Will Learn in Christian Marriage Coach Training

  • The difference between Christian Marriage Coaching and Marriage Counseling.
  • About active listening skills and how it validates and encourages couples.
  • How to ask powerful marriage coaching questions using professional techniques.
  • How to use our own Breakthrough Coaching Process with your coaching clients.
  • About the many mindsets and behaviors that cause relationships to break down.
  • About the 10 top areas that contribute toward building healthy marriages.
  • Some of the ins and outs of fostering great communication between couples.
  • How to assess and handle couples in crisis and when to refer them elsewhere.
  • About marketing, promotions, products and services for professional coaches.

How You Will Learn to be a Christian Marriage Coach

  • Coaching trainees will meet one hour each week with an experienced instructor.
  • Coaching trainees will call in either to our conference line or use Skype to talk.
  • Coaching trainees will log into our webinar service to view “live” training slides.
  • Coaching trainees will have access to a private student area to get their homework.
  • Coaching trainees will have reading, audio, and worksheet assignments each week.
  • Coaching trainees will experience practice coaching sessions during the 10 weeks.
  • Coaching trainees will be given a course summary exam at the end of the training.

What Your Certification Will Be

  • You will be certified as a Marriage Breakthrough Coach

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Do I have to have internet access in order to participate in this course? (Yes)
  • Can you really train me as a Christian marriage coach in only 10 weeks? (Yes)
  • Can this training be used for both Christian and non-Christian clients? (Yes)
  • Do you accept students from other countries other the United States? (Yes)
  • Will I receive a printed certificate upon successful completion of the course? (Yes)


Upon graduation, you will receive lifetime membership in the Biblical Coaching Alliance, an International Network of Christian Coaches dedicated to supporting one another. You will be able to ask questions of any of our instructors in the member area and also use the Alliance emblem on your website and elsewhere.

Don’t delay, CLICK HERE TO Signup Today!

We look forward to work with you towards attaining Life Coaching skills and understanding.

Renato and Patrizia Amato

Certified Breakthrough Coach Trainers


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